RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Happy 50% Off Clothing and Accessories Day!

I had a terrible time getting going this morning (the after-effects of insomnia!), plus I detoured to get my mom's opinion on a leather jacket that would have still been $18 post-discount with only a store credit return policy (on 2nd look I deemed the mandarin collar too bothersome). By by that point it was so much later than I'd expected to start that I decided to just deal with work and be done with it before shopping.

So sadly, all the nice things I scouted on Friday night were gone by the time I got to Goodwill at 2:30 today, and by the time I was done walking around in general frustration and finding nothing further, it was after 4 and I could not bear the thought of driving another 10 miles to get to the next decent place in this kind of cold, so my highly anticipated shopping holiday fell short. But I shall try to rally.

I ended up sticking to a very tight budget of under $20, including the cute cardigan I bought for my mom when she spotted it while she was out with me. Nothing super exciting, mostly staples: skinny jeans (TO WEAR WITH BOOTS, and not under any other circumstances), a slinky black tank top because you can never have enough sleeveless black things to layer, another tank top because it was $1.50 post-discount, a maxi skirt that I considered buying from Target last year (YAY I FINALLY HAVE ONE), and a black purse for my Fancy Little Black Dress Date Night outfit. I was drawn to because it looks straight out of the 60s, with its silken fabric and beaded cover, but is actually brand new from Target. I can't decide if the fact that it's a reproduction annoys me on principle or thrills me for existing in a state of unblemished newness, but the latter feeling is winning.
Tags: thrifty shopping
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