RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

The best thing about this laptop is...

I finally remembered my Goodreads password but I have not even the faintest clue what my Tumblr password is, and it's really hard and clumsy to use Tumblr without an account these day (oh, for 2011 when you could just browse tags on infinite scroll like the dashboard!), so other than a few select blogs I visit directly it's very hard to waste any time on there when I'm on here.

Also, Chris somehow doesn't have Flash installed, which means I can use Neopets but not play any action games (a.k.a. most games), nor can I play videos on sites other than YouTube, and the CD/DVD-ROM drive apparently does not work well. Really cuts down on the TV time.

The worst thing is that I'm really paranoid about the security of having written documents in the Cloud so I refuse to entertain the possibility of using it, meaning if I don't remember to pop the post drafts I'm working on into an LJ post, then all my ramblings are stranded on the desktop that I always shut down before I turn this one on. I am also as yet too lazy to transfer any music onto this computer, so I must use it in silence unless I feel like wasting bandwith.

But still, overall, it's not too shabby.
Tags: life

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