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The Fandom Awards of 2015

You know what, the Oscars don't even air until the end of February, so this is hardly the latest award show in the world.

Best New Fandom of 2015: ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Favorite Friendship of 2015: The brief and fleeting moments of Barbie & Joe on Under the Dome.

Favorite Villain of 2015: Christine on Under the Dome. Or Madalena on Galavant. Lady villains are the best.

Favorite Slash Couple of 2015: Honestly, I am so numb to Kurt/Blaine right now, my only other contenders, that it mighta been more Tretch and his unrequited crush on his best friend in Anything Could Happen than anyone on TV.

Favorite Femslash Couple of 2015: I only keep this category around to see how long it will take to get a legitimate answer in here.

Best Musical Moment of 2015: Probably the original theme song of Galavant, honestly. I would give it to Glee's "A Thousand Miles," which is the winner by song alone, but I still haven't seen the video clip that accompanies it. Runner-up: The "Make Your Own Kind of Music" ode to Sue upon her graduation on the season 6 finale of The Middle.

Ten Favorite Male Characters in 2015:
1. Blaine Anderson (Glee) - although this only takes his pre-season-6 character into account
2. Miles Matheson (Revolution)
3. King Richard (Galavant)
4. Deeks (NCIS: LA)
5. Mitch Morgan (Zoo)
6. Jackson Oz (Zoo)
7. Dale "Barbie" Barbara (Under the Dome)
8. Joe McAlister (Under the Dome)
9. Jesse Swanson (Pitch Perfect)
10. Tie between Carlisle & Jasper Cullen

Ten Favorite Female Characters in 2015:
1. Julia Shumway (Under the Dome)
2. Max Black (2 Broke Girls)
3. Mindy Lahiri (The Mindy Project)
4. Kensi Blye (NCIS: LA)
5. Rachel Matheson (Revolution)
6. Gretta James from Begin Again. Thinking about her life just makes me smile.
8. Rachel Berry (Glee - I think she was probably the best part of season 666)
9. Alice Cullen
10. Bella Swan (WE BONDED. Over our abandonment issues. And love of Alice.)

Favorite Ships in 2015:
1. Beckett/Castle (Castle). For a time.
2. Barbie/Julia (Under the Dome)
3. Joe/Norrie (Under the Dome)
4. Mitch/Jamie (Zoo)
5. Ichabod/Katrina (Sleepy Hollow)
6. Miles/Rachel (Revolution)
7. Kensi/Deeks (NCIS: LA)
8. Jesse/Beca (Pitch Perfect)
9. Alex/Lorelai (TO THE GRAAAAAVE!) (er, Gilmore Girls)

11. Edward/Bella bwahahaha
12. Alice/Jasper Cullen for real though

Taking a hiatus from the list this year: canon Kurt/Blaine, because where they are concerned, my heart is locked in a box surrounded by sharks with guns. Mr. & Mrs. Castle will be added to that list this time next year.

Top Shippy Scene in 2015: This beautiful glorious moment on Zoo.

I decided not to even try coming up with a top ten this time around. I know my fave and trying to research more would just be an exercise in exhaustion. Maybe for Valentine's Day or something.

Saddest Character Death of 2015: That one we don't talk about or admit happened. On Sleepy Hollow. Allegedly.
Correction: that other one we don't talk about or admit happened. In space. Allegedly.

Best Episode of 2015: The double header of Zoo, episodes 11 and 12; I forget what they're called. Runner-up: The Mindy Project, "Stanford," which I have literally watched like 7 times because it is so enjoyable.

Seven Other Great Episodes of 2015 In No Particular Order
Stalker, "Fun and Games"
Criminal Minds, "Nelson's Sparrow." Just for really good heart pummeling
The Middle, "The Graduate"
Castle, "Resurrection/Reckoning." And also the plane episode. AND ALSO SLEEPER BECAUSE DAMMIT I LIKED IT. Oh god what a good show, how could it have fallen into such derepai-hai-haaaaair. *sobs*

Most Surprising Moment of 2015: That time NCIS killed two of its long-term recurring regulars in the same season. Or that time Criminal Minds killed one of its original cast members who'd been off the show longer than he'd been on it. Or positively, the fact that BOTH couples I secretly wanted to kiss on Zoo ended up kissing, and it was amazing.

Biggest Squee Moment of the Year: Finding out Under the Dome & Glee were both having massive prop sales, even if I only got access to one.

Biggest Fandom Disappointment of the Year: Everything Glee chose to be outside of Sam/Rachel. Also, Under the Dome deciding to go the "lol alien mind control = Barbie hooking up with some stranger bitch and having a demon alien baby." And Sleepy Hollow caving to noisy fandom pressure to destroy the Cranes' marriage and all chance of reconciliation (remember kids, if you don't ship Ichabod/Abbie for any reasons besides "he sucks and is not good enough for her," YOU'RE RACIST).

Fandom That You Never Expected To Get Into: Twilight. Like, what the hell, self. You had ONE JOB. (Plus, definitely never expected to get into Zoo this MUCH.)

Fandom That Made An Unexpected Comeback: Revolution, AGAIN, and also SURPRISE LAST-MINUTE CHAMP OF MY HEART Community. Also -- so far back at the beginning of the year that I forgot about it until I was reviewing tags -- Raising Hope.

Fandom That Inspired The Most Crack: If you mean "inspired in its writers," then Zoo.
Side note: GUESS WHO JUST SHOWED UP ON MY TV ON CELEBRITY NAME GAME, WHAT, IT'S RACHELLE LEFEVRE, a.k.a. the hottest* celebrity I have seen since Darren Criss. (*And I mean that in terms of both popularity/awesomeness and attractiveness. ) I am officially not testing myself against this game the way I usually do because I dare not miss one second of her face.

By comparison, last night I arrived late and literally couldn't tell which ones were the celebrities.
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