RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

There's a room where the light won't find you. (*OMINOUS MUSIC*)

Everyone here likes Hunger Games, right? Who here has opinions on the Catching Fire soundtrack?

Because I am trying so hard to love it, and bless its scrappy little heart, I am just not connecting with it like I did the first one. I stuck it in my car (which doesn't display artist or title) without looking at the back so as to be unbiased as possible with my first impressions, but although I went instant head over heels for Lorde's macabre cover of "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" as soon as I recognized the lyrics, nothing else has made much of an impression despite 3 loops.

I vaguely like "Mirrors" just because my ears perk up whenever I hear the chorus of "I was the girl who was on fire," and I see strong potential in Elastic Heart (cool music! Sia music!) and/or Silhouettes (which I initially thought might be one last new untainted Taylor Swift song), but then I am out of artists I like.

That said, third tier: Patti Smith is trying to make inroads with "Capitol Letter" ("mocking as the jay...") and I could swear I already know Imagine Dragons' "Who We Are" from somewhere else. I thought songs were recorded fresh for this franchise. Does the intro sample something? Or was it played on the radio as a single? It's bugging me!

*15 minutes later*
Thanks for letting me talk this out. It puts me on game-changing loop #4, so I'm starting to think that the rest might have that potential I crave. Shooting Arrows At the Sky is locked in (surpassing third tier, honestly), and Devil May Cry and Place For Us will probably be the next to receive a pass. I can definitely tell you that the opening and closing tracks are going nowhere fast, though. Helpful to have them sequestered like that.

I really like the fact that I haven't seen these movies, because the soundtracks help me create this image of the world that I'm pretty sure is better than the one I'd have to view with the two dumb main characters at the center of it, and consequently it might soften my distaste for the movies and make me more receptive to watching them one day. I mean, they can't be worse than the books.
Tags: hunger games, music

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