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Movies Where Women Choose Their Own Destiny

1. I finally got around to watching Waitress-The-Movie, and possibly I was blinded by my love for the Sara Bareilles soundtrack to the musical, but I thought it was super charming.Parts of the pie diner did indeed remind me of Pushing Daisies, and I had no time to mind the adultery, really, because NATHAN FILLION, I am pretty sure we would all consider running away with him too, particularly in his skinny phase.[tiny spoiler]Plus his wife was my beloved Darby S., so there was no way to feel sad about the affair ending, either. (it might make you sad it began, but...)

Jeremy Sisto also did a fabulous job of being her sleazy, controlling husband, because: look at his face/hair. That is not objectively unattractive at all! I'd get hitched to it. But then he starts talking and you realize, oh, that's how women end up in these situations. Sometimes the hair blinds you to latent personality traits that only emerge in full later on.

I loved Alleged Sourpuss Joe and the Jenna's ability to charm him (this is such a cliche and I don't care). I loved the other waitresses at the diner. And I loved everything about Jenna wanting to spread her wings and fly into her dream of finding genuine success with her magical pies. Which all looked delicious, by the way, and I am a person who ranks pie pretty much dead last, ahead of only shortbread and overly flaky pastries, in the hierarchy of desserts.

P.S. Keri Russel is adorable x1 million in this movie. I can't imagine anyone being more adorable than her, especially with her slight Southern drawl.

2. I rewatched Into The Woods today (after FINALLY GETTING IT FROM THE LIBRARY after 7 months on the waitlist),  It was every bit as magical and  charming as I remembered it, possibly more, possibly due to the fact that half the movie is the soundtrack that I've been playing since summer. But it was nice to actually see the scenes again. I forgot how genuinely sad/bittersweet the end of the movie is; it made me cry. Again. #mother cannot guide you #now you're on your own

3. I also rewatched Laggies, which is just SO well done.I was not part of a friend group anything like that, but at the same time, I KNOW THOSE GIRLS. I know exactly how the dumb popular ones grow very quickly into the kinda-pretentious brides and wives, just as surely as I know that I am Keira Knightley's character, minus raunchy jokes and getting to third base on the street. (there are way more R-rated antics than I remember, possibly because I skipped them the first time around. Some of them kind of seem necessary to set up vivid contrast, but...not so much with the bedroom stuff. or street stuff, as the case may be.)

I love how well they draw the contrast between teen-at-heart Megan, and Actual Teens, from speech patterns to boy/girl interactions. (between the first party and the sleepover, for instance -- that girl who is not Chloe Moretz is SUCH a perfect example of someone I would never believe is over 19**)

[**edit: OH OH OH that's because she is still a teenager and she will turn up in my life later as the beloved youngest daughter on Last Man Standing!]

My mom, who watched it with me, was really impressed both by how funny Keira Knightley can be, and also by her completely flawless American accent. (good point! When I first saw this, I remember being sort of dismayed that they wouldn't use an American actress for this role, but then I straight up forgot what her regular voice sounds like)

Also, Ellie Kemper? Glorious. What a good character for an awful nemesis.

I am not particularly enthused by the face of Lawyer Dad -- I mean, I think he is a vague improvement over Stoner Face Boyfriend, but he did not particularly increase the stakes in this love triangle -- but I have to admit I was sort of drawn into their connection. The way they meet is just so simultaneously delightful and ULTRA WEIRD. ("Explain to me why you are sleeping on the floor of my teenage daughter's bedroom, adult I have never met.") I think I am reacting to the "not sure if feeling charmed or romantically charmed" dynamic that always confuses and delights my brain when middle-aged men are coaxed out of their shell by optimistic young women.

Mostly, I think what impresses me about this movie is its ability to make me agree that conforming yourself to maintain a familiar but stagnant long-term relationship is not always better than breaking free to find out what you truly want. It's a rare feeling, so I'm going to cling to it.

That, and how darling Megan is while acting somewhere between a best friend and an older sister. Her fairy godmother appearance at prom the perfect cap to that part of the story.

Finally, I like that it's a happyish ending[spoiler](as my mom put it: "her boyfriend won't be sad for long. The Group will fix him up with someone in two seconds flat, and they'll tell him all the bad stuff about her.", Meanwhile, she gets to be in love AND live with her new best friend! We will of course in no way question whether all of these feelings, which developed in the space of less than a week, will really last as long as the happy ending implies or think about how she stands to wreck two lives and leave herself on an island with nobody left but her parents in her life if it falls apart before she makes age-appropriate friends.

4. Finally, I have read this macro recap of a movie that apparently exists called "In Secret" about 88 times today, and I AM STILL LAUGHING AT IT. I will never, ever, under any circumstances watch this movie for myself, but for people with stronger stomachs than I for sex scenes, it sounds like it is definitely 10/10 worth your time levels of awfsome. The recap does spoil the whole movie, but I'm pretty sure it would be more fun to watch after reading the recap anyway.
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