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If it gets dark, don't get scared, there's so much waiting for you

Has anyone here ever read What Happened to Lani Garver?

I reread it today for the first time in 10 years, unsure if it would have the same impact as when I listed it on my "top 100 books" at age 19, but it totally floored me. My heart just...aches, and while it is popular enough to have a small tag on Tumblr that I immediately devoured, I'm kind of lost and reeling by the fact that there is not an entire fandom to ache over the title character with me.

And/or to discuss whether we even should ache, because maybe it's all OK, maybe he[spoiler]was really an angel after alland then none of us has to face the title event. Surely there were enough clues in the text to suggest that the title event was not as horrifying as it seemed, that this isn't just a selfish mental escape. (and this isn't a spoiler -- it's in the preface)

I just, I spent my entire afternoon and a chunk of the evening thinking about this book after I finished it, and I still haven't processed it. I want to wrap all the good characters up and carry them away somewhere safe and warm. I'm struggling and failing to write a Goodreads review because I want to talk about everything and every character. I nearly want to write an essay on this book and look for textual support. Truly, truly a powerful story.
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