RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Today I remembered that exists, which I haven't logged into since about...the month after I joined at the end of 2012. I unfollowed all the things I was following that have now ended, and then wondered if I should keep following them because apparently that's the only way it tallies how many unwatched episodes you have, but too late to second guess myself now. (although it is weird that they have "shows I love" at the top and then the more relevant "shows I am also following" at the bottom, since following a show helps you keep track of its next episode.)

I also learned that their site has become terrible and faily at the updates and has been that way since the start of this TV seasons, so both old and new shows will be randomly missing episode titles, summaries, airdates, etc. Some of the older shows were missing those when I joined, but I assumed that would get better with time, and it has not. I'm wondering if I should jump ship and find a new site.

That said, after spending about an hour on the site, I was overcome by how beautifully made it is for binge-watching. Unlike a blog, where I feel compelled to put down specific thoughts, your goal is to simply watch as much as possible, check it off, and give it a star rating and/or a short comment if you feel like it. It makes you feel accomplished with no work on your part. It's so freeing. I want to be like this!

I won't change, of course (I love my reviews too much; it's like having personalized episode guides to every series), but I wish I could.

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