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Guess what I decided to rewatch in full today.

Hint: my entire soul is immersed in an endless sea of pain and tormented anguish in the fiery depths of hell.

(Actually, I kind of resemble one of those tall, skinny blow-up figures at car dealerships that whips wildly back and forth in the wind as I cast about in despair, seeking some kind of meaning to this senseless end to the storyline, and THERE JUST ISN'T ONE. Is there a more thoroughly soul-punching hour of the history of television?)

P.S. To add insult to emotional torture, this episode doesn't have a commentary. Also lacking a commentary track: the 2nd best option and bonus MGG-directed "The Lesson." WHY!
I have literally been assuming at least one of those two existed and have been subconsciously looking forward to it for years. I appreciate that The Lesson at least gets a 7-minute feature and there's a similar featuring covering the Maeve/Reid relationship as a whole, but I am greedy. And so grumpy I don't get to hear about the thought process behind choosing the Baby Lullaby cover of "Where Is My Mind" for that macabre human marionette dance, among every other second of that episode.

P.P.S. Also lacking commentary: my third choice, Alchemy. WHY DO YOU HATE ME.


Jan. 30th, 2016 03:38 pm (UTC)
:P Hey, do the captions work on your CM DVDs? I can't get them turned on with mine.

Re: soul-punching television, two words: Twin Peaks.

(And yet I highly recommend it, in terms of sheer characterization and storytelling. It's lower on the squick factor than CM. And I believe it was also an influence on MGG's directing.)
Feb. 1st, 2016 02:26 am (UTC)
1) I only tested season 8, but they worked in VLC player for me.

2) I want to say I am in no way ready for soul-punching, but I see you picked out the key words to pique my interest there re: directing influence. Hmm.

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