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More movies with awesome ladies! Or at least one.

I am in the middle of watching "October Baby" and I know without looking that it was probably universally panned for being a preachy pro-life message, but oh my GOD it is so adorable right now with the girl and her totally cute best guy friend, and the actress (Rachel Hendrix) is like the prettiest person I've ever seen; she looks like Lea Michele but with less eye makeup and even longer, floatier hair, and all this AND a super opposite-of-liberal theme going on??

I AM THE HAPPIEST PERSON IN ALL THE LAND. I am honestly like two steps from weeping at seeing a piece of pop culture -- which, by the way, has yet to seem particularly preachy to me or spout any kind of overt religious themes** -- just...align with my view of the world and know it's not going to be spoiled at any point.

**Okay, so in the last 30-40 minutes, The Message/explicit talk of reilgion/general level of treacle escalates rapidly. I am also super side-eyeing that twist into "dude respects Girl's Dad's Law and stays away from girl until her dad tells him to go for it" land rather than dude manning up and sweeping her off her feet on his own, creating a weird intrusion into a love story that they were handling just beautifully on their own.

I am also REAL testy about them Fundamentalist Christian-ing out of the final kiss I was implicitly promised, regardless of whether or not L-words were thrown around. One sobbing breakdown w/ comfort holding + one moment of waking up in each other's arms (on a sofa) comes very close to meeting my highest demands in Perfect Romance, but YOU CAN'T JUST FAILBOMB OUT AT THE CRUCIAL MOMENT LIKE THAT.

Still, I don't think most of it was too bad. The scene with the nurse, for example, is one. I'm pretty sure Tumblr would get angry about, but whatever, come fight me; it may be rare but is not untrue, and that makes it OK for this particular story. I really like seeing people talk like this and not have to have someone else burst into the room like Kool-Aid Man with "NOT ALL WOMEN..."

And more to the point, it was really wonderful to watch the lifelong friendship unspool into proper romance. I have not enjoyed Caring Guy Eyes that much in a long time, and that is definitely the most I've ever dug a Pining Girl story.
Tags: feelings explosion, movie reviews, shipping
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