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You stare politely right on through.

Today was just a suuuuper crummy work day -- I am going all Chain of Screaming on people at this point, flinging deductions left and right at people who fail to follow instructions with ZERO EMPATHY because y'all are responsible for me only having 7 days off this month and 4 of them were the first 4 days of the month -- I have decided to become a bedridden invalid in response.

In addition to that wonderful movie, I have been chewing through the season 3 Under the Dome DVD. Now I'm sad I didn't write about my thoughts on the season 2 one, because this is so weaksauce in comparison.

Well, I guess the bonus features are actually fairly interesting -- just because the cast loves what they do, and there's a 30 minute feature that goes "behind the scenes" of most of the episodes, showing how they pulled off stunts or set design, with the actors usually on hand to explain what's happening as it's being filmed. The kids playing Joe and Norrie are an especial delight since apparently they were 16 when the show started. And I never turn down a chance to listen to Rachelle appreciate her characters.

But there are no interesting deleted scenes, and despite the fact that I didn't watch half the season as it aired, I've been skipping through said skipped episodes and honestly not finding anything worth viewing that I didn't already get from Tumblr gifsets. (of course I'm not trying very hard. I'm jumping in roughly 5 minute segments, and if I miss any Joe/Norrie, I don't have the patience to try again and risk hitting Barbie/Eva.)

Well, two exceptions: a few brief moments of Sam actually trying to help Joe and Norrie before Junior ruined everything, as he does, and a bonus Shirtless Sam coming out of the shower, hoo boy. But honestly, the only thing I realy enjoyed replaying that I'd forgotten was Sam hooking up with Abby and that cute moment where Norrie says "I love you" for the first time and Joe teases her about it before nailing Perfectly Posed Romantic Kissing For Young Adults, advanced level.

Mostly, I'm getting a general sense of annoyance that Eva was like, 92% of what made this season suck so hard. I started to make a list of pros and cons, but the pros overwhelmed me immediately. Aktion wasn't the best, but it wasn't a show-ruiner, either. It was just her and that nasty hypnosis love storyline taking Barbie down with it. Christine was great! I could have tolerated Possessed Junior and the zombie townspeople, maybe even Zombie Barbie, if I hadn't had to watch one of the skeeviest pairings seen outside of Grey's Anatomy at the same time. But she, and they, are everywhere with no way to avoid it for more than 10 minutes at a time.

In other news, I have become randomly obsessed with this song and this specific cover of it again. Every Song Sounds Better With Women, part 875.

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