RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I didn't plan it

I watched an episode of Arrow this week (first time ever. 4x11, for reference) because I was too lazy to move three feet and turn off the TV.

I feel like I picked a good one, what with all the Felicity + romance on full display. I maintain that Stephen Amell has a bulldog face and it is pretty hard to swoon over it, but if there was anything that was going to make a me a little interested, it was a probably a Manly Dude carrying women around and then looking all Sad and Emotionally Tortured about feeling responsible for them having gotten injured in the first place while said woman has to go above and beyond just getting through the day to soothe his self-pity party.

(OK, I am definitely getting snarky at the end there. I have a complicated relationship with this trope stemming from the fact that on the one hand, SHE'S GOING THROUGH SOME STUFF. She shouldn't have to worry about how YOU'RE coping with it. Suck it up and be happy she doesn't blame you, and focus on being her partner. On the other, I kind of enjoy the soothing because I personally like to be the emotional caretaker. Also, in fairness, I think he did a decent job of being properly supportive by the end. My attention was drifting, but boyfriend says he was impressed by how much it showed 2 people dealing with their own issues but still supporting each other, and his impression of Olicity is mostly "it's great except she's too good for him.")

Boyfriend was delighted by my accidental viewing habits, and made a special effort to watch this one after falling behind somewhere in season 3. He says Arrow Dude (Oliver, I guess) has gotten much more mature/tolerable since his last episode. However, he was disappointed that there was no #Unnecessary Parkour, which is his 3rd favorite character. ("To be clear, the parkour itself is the favorite character, not the person himself.") Please click that link; I have been laughing at it for 3 days.

I paid almost zero attention to the other plot, but I was kind of surprised when that one woman got shot, because I don't know who any of the main or recurring characters on this show are but she seemed like more than a 1-note. (through internet osmosis, I later learned that this is correct, something about movie vs. tv franchises; I could not be bothered to pay more attention than that)

But in Important Plot Land, I loved that Felicity had such a starring role so I could meet her free of boring distractions. Well, mostly free. Her alter-ego was hella obnoxious, so I'm glad she was vanquished to burning in the trash can where she belongs.

Also, I just looked up some spoilers and
[spoilers!]apparently they're due to break up in a few episodes. Probably not permanently, people are saying, which makes sense given the placement of such a thing. But you know, I'm like, why risk my current level of contentment by continuing to care about them or keep up with this series. Bye, Felicia. You're the best one night stand I've ever had.

P.S. Also apparently Arrow Dude has a son he's lying about or smthng idk that's too much I'm out unless I accidentally run across some schmoopy gifs
Tags: arrow, tv commentary

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