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Of summertime fandom

Last year I immersed myself in learning the canon and fandom lore of CSI: Miami, the year before that it was Lost and CSI. This year it would have been CSI: NY, but I did most of my catch-up from January-May, and now I feel sort of lost, not having a series to get wrapped up in. And so it seems that my summer 2007 interest will be Harry Potter.

Not that I haven't been reading the series from the start, mind, but I steered far clear of the explosive obsession that swept the world. The books were plenty to keep me occupied; I had no desire to visit Muggle Net or even Rowling's official site, or seek out venues for discussion, and I certainly wasn't going to bother with fanfic, which undoubtedly was at least 85% pure crap and another 10% that was decently written in general but laughable compared to the original series, making the remaining 5% very difficult to find indeed, and probably not worth the effort to try.

Besides which, there's a lot of creepiness in the HP fandom world as far as pairings go. Me, I'm quite fond of Rowling's decisions (okay, except for the parts where I grimace and go 'ew ew ew' while flicking past Harry's obsession with Cho Chang, and also pretend Fleur Delacour does not exist) , and stuff my fingers in my ears whenever people mention whatever highly disturbing pairings they've concocted involving Snape, Sirius, or Draco (slash or het).]

But seeing as it's the last book coming out - and yes, I'm still bitching about the fact that book 7 isn't going to be released on 7/7/07, which is a sweet release date that fans would actually remember in the future, unlike the stupid theater release date of a movie that should have come out in June if it *had* to beat the book - I figure now is my last chance to really play in the fandom before it has to exist solely upon the base it's already built. Which is admittedly a very large base, probably the size of Lord of the Rings and Star Trek put together, but still. It won't be the same. And I realize I've never really talked with anyone about what I think about Harry Potter, not online or among my friends; even my journal has only scant reviews of books 5 and 6. I expect I'll have a great deal to say on the subject; maybe I ought to plot out post topics beforehand. Or I could just make it up as I go along, going in non-chronological order and occasionally repeating myself. Depends on my mood.

I started rereading the series on Friday, and I just finished book 5 last night. Once I get going, I can't seem to tear myself away...which is perhaps why I only reread the series when a new book is about to come out. Of course, since I'm spending hours a day in this world, the last few l days have left my dreams full of spellwork and a host of magical creatures, and I'm peppering my writing and sometimes my speech with words like "rubbish" and "great ruddy git" before I catch myself.

Now it's time to move along to book 6, but I...don't really want to read it. I kind of hate book 6, as evidenced by the Post-It I've attached to the cover subtitling it "Tangled Love Lives" and "Biography of Voldemort" and "Lord of the Rings with Wizards" (okay, that last one is Molly Ringwraith's fault), and I only read it once. It was the only book I didn't read in one go as soon as I got it; I got as far as Dumbledore dying before I chucked it aside in fury and refused to pick it up for another 3 days. I greatly prefer the condensed version linked above, which I've read approximately 1100 times.

However, there are a few bits of which I'm really quite fond and have read so many times that I've memorized the passages, number 1 of which involves Tonks and Lupin. Tonks is decidedly among my very favorite characters, which is part of what makes book 5 so enjoyable (along with a million other reasons I shall catalogue someday about why it's my favorite in the series), and then that little bit at the end of HBP permanently cemented them as my favorite pairing in the series.

And finally, we get around to the impetus of my post, which involves how I'm very slowly and carefully peeking into the possibility of reading fanfic. Trusted sources only, of course.

You see, once Shannon was killed on Lost (early season 2), my favorite fanfic writer for that fandom began writing significantly less Lost-related work and turned most of her attentions towards Harry Potter instead, with a focus on Remus/Tonks. I flicked through a few of them, but I was really craving the Shannon/Sayid stories I'd grown so accustomed to, and more or less forgot about the HP stuff until last night. I'd forgotten just how very little ink Rowling devoted to R/T - not that I'm complaining, I'm just saying - and immediately decided that this needed remedying, so off I went to mrstater to have a look at her "Transfigured Hearts" series.
Unsurprisingly, I have laid aside book 6 to read this set of stories instead. Everything she writes is quite remarkable, really, and it's much more settling to believe this is going on in the background of the series. Even provides me with book-7 and post-series material to curl up with should the unthinkable happen with one of them getting killed off in Deathly Hallows. (Which will not happen. *repeats endlessly*)

Although maybe I can be tempted back to book 6 for a bit; I do like when we get to visit Weasley's Wizard Wheezes...that, and my parents have an overdeveloped sense of when I'm in the middle of an LJ post to come up and use the computer.

Actually, never mind, I need to go make an appointment with my stupid school so I can FINALLY register for classes again. If they'd have just given me a PIN number I could sign myself up for everything I need in about 10 seconds, but instead I have to wait until as late as Friday to get on the phone with an academic advisor and slowly and laboriously explain what I want to take and wait for them to clear my choices...VERY FRUSTRATING.

But that's not Harry Potter related, so I'll talk about it later.
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