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While it's fresh in my mind...

I watched the Super Bowl last night and was pleased that the Broncos won solely because from what I heard, people were rooting for the Panthers and I live to be contrary, even though the Panthers' costumes are way prettier. Also, I stopped knowing who any active football players are in 2001, so Peyton Manning's familiar existence made me happy.

I almost never watch this, honestly, but I was tired and worn down from my work weekend and it was sort of entertaining to watch it (not even just for the commercials!) with mom (who also never watches it) and nobody else home. I don't know what is happening at any given time or what any of the ball-throwing terms are/mean, but it's mildly entertaining to look up and see dudes sprinting or smashing into each other (bonus points for exciting personal fouls) when the stakes are this high.

Fave Super Bowl commercial: Kevin Hart, Comically Threatening Stalker Dad. I've watched it 5 times and I'm still laughing. (it was for a car that starts with H, but not sure if Honda or Hyundai. I love it when over-clever advertising departments fail at their sole objective)

Runners-up: Dog-Tested Subaru, Snekey Grocery Store Dogs (srsly cutest dogs I've ever seen) for...Doritos?, happy weiner dogs (Heinz), and singng sheep (I have literally no idea. It was for a truck).

Hate To Love It: Puppy-Monkey-Baby. That is the creepiest and most grotesque creation I have ever seen (kind of like the pop/juice blend product it's selling), but I cannot stop chanting its name.

Weirdly Patronizing Commercial: that one featuring "loans for great people." They kept dismissing "not great" people in the crowd (my fave was "his mom thinks he's great"), and I kept wondering if it was supposed to sound like "Lots Of You Are Poor And Fail At Credit Cards, Be Advised That We Don't Want You; This Is A Service For High Class Folk."

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