RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Random Fandom Information Tumblr Has Thrown At Me Lately

For organizational purposes. Since I haven't actually watched any good new TV in weeks.

1. A thing about Rachel in the Glee series finale.

Up until this day on the eighth of February, 2016, I had managed to suppress and rise above all natural curiosity to find out the extent of Jesse and Rachel’s season 6 interaction. I was at best hoping they might have a kiss, and was still managing expectations that they might well not have anything more than friendly conversation.

I wasn’t going to spoil myself, I was going to remain in the dark forever and live happily with my open-ended optimism. Frankly, I was still processing my delight over the fact that Jesse and Rachel had interaction in season 6.

Today, someone told me they’re married now.


(to be fair, I read the post very quickly and then x'ed out so I could be wrong, and I'm going to do my best to blur and overwrite this memory so I can rediscover it if I ever finish washing the series, but it's good to know.)

3. SVU plot happenings this season, possibly up to most recent episode; proceed with catution

I have only been gone half a season; how in the hell did Rollins have time to get pregnant and give birth and have Sonny Jim get eyed as a potential future love interest for her?! And why. Last I checked he was a slightly pervy-looking cancer on the team that everyone barely tolerated. Plus I was so hoping that when I finally binged on the season at the end of the year, there would magically be a new and non-awful cast member to replace him. There goes that dream.

4. The only two scenes I am willing to admit exist on X-Files so far:
the one with the puppy dog, and the one where Scully allegedly talks to Mulder about puppies (and by "allegedly" I mean this is my personal headcanon for a completely innocuous pair of stills whose actual context is unknown to me and therefore there's no good reason i can't be right)

4. On a non-TV note, here is a beautiful BuzzFeed post entitled 7 Scientific Reasons A Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly) that perfectly illustrates why I can't even pretend this concept is even slightly scary or something to be afraid of the way one might theoretically fear ghosts or evil spirits.

5. And a hilarious series of AU gifsets:The Modern Adventures of Han and Ben Kylo (my fave: featuring Leia)
"Hey, I sent you a video message. Did you get it?"

(guys, Kylo Ren might be turning into my favorite character from the new series solely because it is so much fun to imagine him throwing temper tantrums at/being obnoxious to his parents)
Tags: glee, law & order: svu, star wars, x-files

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