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7th post in barely 3 days

I keep thinking of new things! I'm p. sure that the more abandoned LJ gets, the more I want to post on it. I will single-handedly bring it back with my 10-person readership! (is 10 too optimistic a number? I'm afraid to actually count how many mutual friends have made an appearance within the past 2 years, much less than past 2 months)

But anyway, I went to Goodwill on Tuesday. I was thinking I might just go home after running errands, but then I remembered tje Discount Day and figured I should take a stab at it, even though I was wearing the worst possible shopping outfit for buying clothes -- 2 layers, huge pendant necklace, scarf and my heavy button-up coat with belt.

It was also very crowded by 7 PM, so while I was waiting in eternity for an open dressing room, I glanced over at the pants I happened to be standing next to, and long story short guess who just bought brand-new-with-tags Gloria Vanderbilt trousers for $1.99. They also have that excellent comfort waistband so I can buy the smaller size that appropriately fits my thighs without trying to corset train my waist.

TAGS, THOUGH. Lots of tags and all the stickers labeling them new. I cannot wrap my head around how those managed to go unbought after 2 days of being half off (even if Goodwil priced them at $15), AND almost 10 hours of business on $1.99 Green Tagged Merchandise Day.

I'm so glad it was crowded, because I wouldn't even have looked at the pants otherwise. I hate looking for pants and avoid it all costs unless I need a specific style or color. I didn't need this, per se (I actually almost have more dark brown pants than I have tops that can be worn with brown. Meanwhile, I have 3 pairs of black or grey pants combined, and 90% of what I own works with black), but...brand new, my size, two bucks!

In somewhat less thrifty shopping, I also finally made good on my vague notions of wanting a midweek Late Night Date Night of half-price appetizers at Applebee's, since Chris leaves for work about an hour after I usually meet my minimum goals for the workday and doesn't  get home until almost 9 PM. It was excellent. We had the world's cutest/happiest young waitress, who understood why we were there and didn't bother us while we were eating, and who actually inspired me to check the receipt for a survey option so that I could praise her.

The food was also pretty excellent; we decided to go with a 3-item sampler platter (nachos with spicy nonsense for toppings, sweet potato fries and boneless honey barbecue wings) for $13 instead, since I forgot only select appetizers are half off and those did not include the 2 items we each wanted most. It was plenty of food. Plus wasn't crowded it all, and it was so much fun to be out at a restaurant late at night. I highly recommend it.

It's possible I highly recommend it because everyone else got it out of their system in college and I never did it once, but shh.
Tags: christeph, thrifty shopping

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