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I keep thinking of things to post about

Alianne is doing a fun ask-me meme, which so far is 100% Glee characters, which of course means I'm over here like "I know what would be a fun way to spend 3 hours! Filling out this meme for every single character of Glee I can remember." Yes, this is a vague threat to post that list. But for now, I just want to laugh at the fact that her answer for Blaine re: "All the people I ship romantically with this character" is exclusively Kurt, and that is indeed the only correct answer for canon almost; SEASON 2 BLAINE/RACHEL 5EVA, I think it's hilarious that my answer for Blaine looks like:

"Almost the entire world, including but probably not even limited to Kurt, Rachel, Quinn, Tina, Marley, Random Catholic Schoolgirl, Sam, maybe Sebastian in some cases, hell I could probably even roll with Eli if he were nice." (Not on that list: Karofsky. GLEE WHY U DO ME WRONG)

I kind of have really, really, really elaborate headcanons re: how much I want Blaine to love everybody. I feel like I should fic it out and embellish some of them. Like maybe I should template Confessions of a Serial Kisser in an AU that involves Blaine macking on everyone before meeting Right Person Kurt.


Feb. 13th, 2016 04:24 pm (UTC)
Okay, I agree, I think Blaine does love everybody. I was thinking more in terms of endgame, but OMG Blaine could absolutely fall in love with everyone before meeting Kurt. (Almost everyone, I agree with excluding some (unfortunately canon) pairings, ahem.) Blaine/Quinn is something I had never considered before, BTW. But it sounds like fun. (Also wow their children would be like, SO PRETTY.)

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