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I has a happee.

At the dollar store today, I found Smoke Craft "Asian BBQ Recipe Pork Strips" a.k.a. standard low fat pork jerky with delicious, delicious flavor. For one dollar. For three ounces, which is by far the single best deal on any kind of jerky I've ever seen.

I wanted to buy out the whole stock. I thought they might frown on that, so I only bought 3. But I also might go back tomorrow. Because normally jerky starts at $1 per ounce ($3.25/bag at Aldi), and goes up to about $4.75 for a 3 ounce package, oftentimes with high fat content for less expensive stuff. The second best deal I've seen was $6 for a 9-ounce package.

In conclusion, BEST FIND EVER.

And on a Scalia note, even though normally I forget about everything political I see by the next day: OK, Republicans, normally we're on the same side, but if we're going to expect Democrats to compromise on things, I must request that some of you sit your asses down and stop acting like it's some mad power grab for the President to nominate a new Supreme Court justice during this "tumultous election season" more than ten months away from the actual end of his term and still almost the length of a pregnancy away from the election itself. That's like, the least controversial thing he's done since adopting a dog. (or as some would point out: bought a purebred dog. There's always room for controversy!)

The only person you're justified in getting mad at here is Justice Scalia for not having a team of super-doctors watch his every move to ensure his heart kept ticking until a Republican got elected.

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