RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Where do FIND these people, casting director??

(I'm working on a longer review post but I'm also very tired, so in case I don't finish it tonight, this is your teaser for the Survivor premiere)

*Squints @ Brawns tribe*

Is this that "misogyny" thing I keep hearing about? I FEEL LIKE IT IS. On full display.

(see: Condescending Older Survivor Dudes calling young woman "Blondie" as a sign of disrepect -- at one point actually saying, out loud, "she doesn't get a name" because she doesn't meet their standards for a valuable tribe mate -- and patronizingly telling her to "stop scheming" (when she's at the bottom of the pecking order on Tribal Council Day), implying they'll change their minds about not voting for her if she keeps trying to talk people into keeping her instead of just staying quiet and letting them take care of it)

Like. That is some textbook level casual awfulness.
Tags: survivor, tv commentary

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