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This is the hardest time I've ever had sleeping when it's not hot and I haven't been on a computer (I just turned it on 10 minutes ago, having turned it off at 4:00 this afternoon AND having taken a 45-minute walk and then spent roughly 7 hours in bed, alternately reading/watching TV and -- for the past 4 hours -- trying to fall asleep. I know I didn't get up until 9 AM after 10.5 hours of sleep (to make up for 3.5 hours the night before), but still. This is ridiculous.

And up until right now, I've also been utterly weary at the thought of doing any typing, so it's not even like I can make progress on work. (though it helps that I made some progress earlier and I'm pretty sure I can get it done in less than 3 hours. But it's due at noon, so at this point I'm starting to doubt my ability to be up by 9.) Maybe I should admit defeat and try working. That usually makes me pretty desperate for bed...

At any rate, being pluggeed into this computer seems to have charged me back to a state of somewhat energetic awareness, so off to work. I hope I don't stay up all day, though. I have a very specific Movie Night Date planned, and since it is going to be at home rather than a theater, the risk of falling asleep is already doubled. Ugh, that's probably why I'm awake. As soon as I have something I'm really looking forward to the next day, I am like a little kid waiting for my birthday.

[edit: yeah, that didn't happen. I got half my work done by 6 AM, slept for 4 hours, finished work and dashed off 2 estate sales, and hit my Crash Point immediately as the sun broke through just after 3 PM. Went home, tried to take a nap, but when boyfriend called 90 minutes later it was like, nope. Need to sleep all night. Reset date for tomorrow night. Except now I'm super tired and I have sooooo much more work for tomorrow, 4-5 hours at least...]

Anyway, at least I finished two books tonight. Previously I had only read 2 books this month/8 books for the entire year so far, and my brain was getting sad without fresh stories.

Right now it's very happy because I spent an hour last week researching Asperger's novels I thought I might enjoy in which I could also cast Spencer Reid (#don't judge me (#mosbius designs has failed)), and 600 Hours of Edward proved to be a very good choice. It didn't really fit Reid, I suppose, but despite the novel's attempt to convince me the 6'4 title character weighs 280 pounds, that in no way stopped me from having Matthew Gray Gubler play him in my head.

Said character spends a lot of time crying, in part about feeling rejected by the father who has no patience and a lot of coldness and criticisms for his son's quirks, so CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE WHAT DELIGHTS I ENJOYED. Here is a hint:

By the time I got to the end, I was devastated to have to leave him behind. BUT LUCKILY THERE IS A SEQUEL! So. ILL-requesting that one ASAP while kicking myself that I did not request them both at the same time. Even if I'd hated the book, what harm would there have been in getting it just in case? It's free and unlimited, except for a 10-at-a-time limit, which I have only reached once and which I did on purpose.
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