RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

This Has Been A Week Of Discoveries

1. For nearly 20 years, I have been trying to find the cover of "Stoney End" that was used for a performance in my dance studio's recital one year. I can hear it in my head, but every time I periodically run a search of the original/covers, it doesn't match up. Not quite. I was devastated to think I might have just remembered it wrong.

But...I THINK I JUST FOUND IT. Beth Nielsen Chapman. Every other cover I've heard has immediately gotten too fast/peppy, and I remember it sounding rather serious. More importantly, I'm sure it started with snapping like this one does, and all the inflections hit in the right spots. The timeline also fits -- released in 1997, and the dance was part of the May '98 recital. Even better, I already like Beth, at least based on "Sand and Water." BRB listening on repeat 90 times.

2. That almost dwarfs my other news -- I FOUND A PAIR OF TALL LEATHER (well, fake leather, but quite soft) BOOTS. The kind I've been seeking and coveting for 2+ years.

I have no idea what brand they are because there's literally no identifying info, but they're black and I found them on clearance at Marshalls for $17. They zip (with one zipper, thank you) up almost to the knee and have a U-shaped bit of elastic at the back to fit comfortably. They're slightly slouchy, which is perfect because most zip-up boots just look caved in around the ankle, whereas you can tell these are supposed to be slouchy.

More signs they were meant to be: I only went in the store in the first place because I had to cut my walk short due to sunset and it was faster to cut through the commercial district. Yet I happened to be wearing a knee-length dress and black leggings, perfect for boot-shopping. I really just tried these on casually/for fun, but not only did I almost die of shock when the zipper didn't fight me, as soon as I looked at them in a mirror, my heart almost stopped again at how amazing they looked. It was the only pair left and it was my size; I didn't even debate.

The only possibly sliiiight flaw to them is that, like my ankle booties, they have a 2-inch upside-down pyramid heel, so they will not be the most comfortable for a long day of errands that involve a lot of walking between/around places, or even prolonged casual strolling -- my ideal boot has more of a platform heel, or a minimal half-inch rise like my winter boots. They will, however, be perfectly fine for going out to a single destination or two. I've worn my ankle boots for long days and been all right. The fact that I was able to get a tall boot that fits my calf is a minor miracle and the reason it's taken so long to find something in the first place (that and cost); the heel is very much secondary. (plus, I would still like at least one pair of brown boots, so)

3. I went to a pretty cool estate sale today, a house of collectors with a variety of unique things, from Norwegian crafts to a Snow Village model Mickey's Diner ($175. did I mention the prices were mostly nuts), a good deal of nice jewelry (real and costume), some vintage children's books (sadly mostly series books/things still in print), beautifully hand-embroidered linens, and more. What's more, you ask? Oh, IDK.

Perhaps you'd like to buy a pair of lopped-off braids. Braids of human hair, clearly long preserved. Possibly a child's, based on their placement in the room with all the old children's stuff. Possibly a personal keepsake, her own or her child's, or possibly chopped off a schoolyard bully in the Great Recess Uprising of 1932 and kept as trophies all these years. That's the theory I prefer.

Just...why. Why do you have this among your possessions, and more importantly WHY IS IT BEING SOLD.

On a less gross note, when I was looking at the books, I saw on the opposite wall they had "vintage children's book jackets, 25 cents each." Oh, that's cool, I thought. Someone collected these and now they're for sale (nicely maintained) in case anyone needs them, rather than the estate sale company throwing them away. Then I realized that about half of them matched the books that were for sale at $3 each. Not for all of them, and there were some that did not have a corresponding book, but since none of the books had jackets I'm just sitting here like:

If the jackets were stored separately, as some collectors do, did you actually not notice that they matched the books you put out, OR DID YOU ACTUALLY SIT DOWN AND TAKE THE JACKETS OFF THE BOOKS TO JACK UP THE PRICES, SIMULTANEOUSLY RUINING THE BOOK VALUE FOR ANYONE WHO DOES NOT NOTICE THE JACKETS ARE AVAILABLE? I got so annoyed I actually put up a note by the books directing people to the appropriate location. (not a mean note. Just an informational note, secretly hoping someone else sees it and goes 'wtf' and complains at people)
Tags: estate sales, music, nostalgia

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