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Stuff Of Delight (Link Version)

1. Every so often, there is a Daily Puppy that exceeds normal cuteness standards and makes me go, "I MUST HAVE IT." This is one of those puppies.
I would name it Doglefox, after a Neopets petpet, for obvious reasons of how it looks. (This is why I'm not allowed to name dogs.)

2. I have read this Colbert gifset, like, 95 times since I reblogged it but I'm STILL LAUGHING: "[Hilary Clinton] is not reaching young people, so she's trying a new tactic: disappointed mom."

"It's OK if you need me to be the bad guy, just know that at the end of the day, I'm the one who's taking care of you, not your cool 74 year old father who you hang out with on weekends."

"He doesn't care if you smoke pot; well guess what, that's not a plan!"

"Go have fun with Bernie, I'll just sit here in the dark with Bill."

I am like two steps away from literally rolling on the floor, laughing. I didn't watch the video clip, so I keep hearing this in Hilary's voice and it is HILARIOUS to me.  (or is that...Hilaryious?? I crack myself up.) I showed it to my mom last night and went spent at least five solid minutes trying to quote it at each other, only to collapse in peals of laughter before finishing any given sentence. We have agreed this is a pretty accurate assessment re: how Clinton and Sanders, respectively, are approaching voters.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to go for the Guiness World Record in "Most Offensive Political Candidate To Get More Votes Than Less Offensive Candidates."

3. Here is a pretty cool post in which you can vote for an upcoming SwoonReads book cover for alianne's book. As a bonus, you get to read awesome stuff about the thought process behind each and how book covers are designed.
Tags: animals, books, loltastic, politics

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