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That one night of TV I watch per week.

In "news I will potentially regret," I accepted an offer to start the night job scoring standardized tests earlier than expected this year, so that kicks off March 1st, meaning Mom & I will have to delay our Survivor-watching adventures, and probably will have to give up our Criminal Minds time altogether (ONE WEEK AWAY from adding Beyond Borders to our Wednesday evenings and having a full 3-hour set again, sigh)

Survivor, Kah Rah Rah Kaoh Rong Episode 2
In which nothing of value happens. Pirate Matey makes me crow with laughter when he complains that Alecia's a "ditz" (he is clearly a master of intelligence, best demonstrated by his wise choices to make his ears hang low and get tattoos that look like a child scribbled them on in marker), but then I reluctantly admit he has some Sass Level Midnight remarks on how ridiculous Low Impulse Control Jenny's explanation of her Reconsidered Intent To Mutiny was, and the person who deserved to go home went. Her terrible bomb of a backpedaling plan made her worse than Pirate Matey this week.

However, the challenge was fun. I liked the "carrying a 300-pound log between 5 people through the water and an obstacle course" followed by "slingshot your way to flag-dropping glory."
Criminal Minds 11x15, "A Badge and a Gun"
In which Carmine Giovinazzo shows up to play the bad guy sporting the above items (and also a spiderweb tattoo that even Abby Sciuto can barely pull off and no one else can), and EXTREME HILARITY ensues. Well, some hilarity. Mostly just in me gleefully declaring that this look suits him much more than that strange law-abiding one, because apparently my grudge against Season 4 Cheater Danny just never goes away.

I also enjoyed seeing the LAPD...lady in charge. It sounded like we'd seen her before on this show, but I also feel like maybe she was on NCIS in a similar role; anyway, I like her face and she looks good in a blazer. [edit: correct on both counts, self! And I was in fact thinking of her as Zoey on NCIS; her Minds role was in "The Witness" a.k.a. that annoying sweaty Asian man and the bus poison from early this season.]

Rando* director Rob Bailey is on my bad side for this one, with all the weird lens distortion. [edit: though the wiki informs me he's been all over my crime shows, including as a producer and director on CSI: NY, which nicely explains Carmine's presence]

[Side note: man, look at all this research detail I get up to when I only have 2 shows. My review energy just goes deeper when it's not spread as far.]

It wasn't a bad story, but my strongest tie to this episode was how taken I was by Reid's purple scarf and how strangely attractive it looked on him. And then he killed Carmine and my brain NOPED on off to "Maeve is still alive and the person he goes home to after all this la la la."

Then, while I waited for Derek's storyline to take its sweet time wrapping up ($10 says girlfriend's pregnant), noting with confusion that it was only like 8:49 by the time they were back on the plane...

OKAY THEN. I guess it's time for "Derek" earlier than I thought, and we 'bout to dial these stakes up to ninety-eleven. It's a Breen*/Gibson writing/directing venture, so while Gibson does not always deliver, I suspect he'll step up to the challenge under these circumstances.
(*four DVD sets' worth of extras this month and I think I'm all fancy and special, knowing the big behind the scenes names)
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