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To Dream, Perchance To Watch

February 2016: Once or twice a month or so, I manage to exhaust myself and come home before 7 pm, at which point I flop down and declare, "TIME TO WATCH ALL OF THE TV." And then I waste an hour in frustration as I try to remember which shows I want to watch in order to match one to my current mood. This post won't solve all my problems, but I think it will help a lot if I officially write down all my options, because there are officially too many to just remember them anymore.

Last Updated: April 2, 2017

It will probably take me my entire life to finish. I'm OK with that. If still jealous of people who actually say things like, "I'm bored/need new shows; any recs?" I'LL [W]REC[K] YOU!

Feel free to comment if you remember more that I don't!

Shows I'm "Watching" This Season But Most Probably Behind On
Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Shows I Am Tryin' Ta Catch Up On
Law & Order: SVU: season 17
2 Broke Girls: season 6
The Middle: season 7

Dramas I Kinda Know About and Might Watch Casually
Hawaii Five-0
Madam Secretary

Shows I Put In The Vault for Extended Hiatus
Grey's Anatomy: season 9
Glee: season 5 (it will take a very special event for me to bring this out. as long as it's unwatched, there is hope)
NCIS: NOLA: from like halfway through season 1
Scott & Bailey: season 2
Southland: season 4

Shows I've Been Meaning To Try
Chicago ___ (fill in the blank. Fire/Med have top priority)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend [edit: damn no. musical numbers only]
Friday Night Lights
...Fuller House?
Gilmore Girls
Mysteries of Laura
Once Upon A Time
Rizzoli & Isles
Shades of Blue

Quick & Easy Sitcoms
Big Bang Theory (from season 10)
The Good Place
The Great Indoors
Last Man Standing
Man With A Plan

Shows To Rewatch From The Beginning
Cold Case
ER (maybe starting w/ season 6)
Joan of Arcadia
Life Unexpected (I p. much watched the last 4 episodes + all the Eric/Lux scenes only)
The O.C.
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