RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

1. I was making an Official Post to keep track of everything I theoretically want to watch in the near or distant future, and while scanning my end-of-year fandom memes for forgotten shows, I found distressing irony in the fact that the last 3 shows I said I "would never let go of no matter how they crappy they get" all promptly betrayed me within 1-2 years and caused me to shun them (CSI, Glee, Castle).

No wonder I refused to make a prediction for 2015. I probably would have said "Zoo." I think I held off because I knew if Under the Dome could screw with me through my OTP, Zoo definitely could, but now that I've put that thought into the universe, watch them ruin that.

2. Today I went to an estate sale and then enjoyed SIXTY DEGREE WEATHER to the fullest by walking myself all over a regional park nearby for 2 hours. I am now tired and exhausted, but I think I came home at just the right time to avoid my slight dehydration-induced headache from taking root.

3. On that walk I saw a couple with 2 Great Danes, one of which touched noses with a French bulldog. That's the kind of diversity I want to see in this world.

4. I have watched the pilot of "Superstore" and I love it so much I don't think my heart can contain this happiness. I forgot what this feeling feels like. Weirdly enough, America agrees with me enough to have given it a green light for season 2. I wonder how it will betray me between now and the finale*. Right now, though...this is the show that's like, when I'm reading a really great book, I wish it could also be a TV show so it would last longer, because I like the setting so much and the characters are so vivid -- but for once, it already is!

*update: I was actually 2 minutes from the end when I wrote this, so now my hypothesis is[a spoiler]"probably in some way that relates to Amy putting on that ring and making me choose between Jonah and my principles. It's too much to ask that she's married to an idiot or generally garbage human, right?

5. I am not watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, because everything I have learned about it thus far hits a hate nerve, EXCEPT that for the past week the CW has been running promos featuring the "JAP Battle Rap," which is THE CATCHIEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD. To my delight, when I did an internet search I found the full clip has been released early, and having watched or listened to it about 27 times in a row just now, it is my favorite thing that has happened in my 96 hours of recent memory. Every single thing that every person in the scene** does or says is ridiculously wonderful.

(also, I don't know if we're supposed to love them both or only root for the star, but if we're not supposed to love them both then I am CLEARLY Team Westchester Alpha Bitch, and I will fight you in a rap battle if necessary. I'm straight up malicious.)

Tags: comedies, crazy ex-girlfriend, life, superstore

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