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I accidentally watched the Oscars last night -- I had no intention of doing so, but I turned on the TV at 7:15 and was like, "Oh, they're about to start, why don't I just leave them on," and for some reason I found everything really interesting and thought it went by really quickly. I guess I paid more attention to movies this year than I thought? Or maybe I just can only watch the telecast 3-4x a decade. I'm honestly trying to hypothesize why I liked them so much, so maybe I will just talk about them.

I almost tuned out at the beginning because I thought Rock was veering a little hard to the offensive side with the "we had worse things to deal with in the 60s" line, which kind of sounds like what non-black people would say today as a reason black people should stop complaining about insufficient representation in media, but it course-corrected by the end of the monologue and I had a pretty good time with the rest. I especially loved the sketch with Whoopi Goldberg being inserted into the background of a scene in "Joy" as an example of how to increase diversity in these films (though honestly, all of those were great). Throughout the night there were a few excessively preachy moments, but they were mostly not very bothersome and/or were easy to tune out.

As Mom noted when I got her to watch them with me, "It's not that gross/crude this year. I always expect the jokes to be more crass."

I didn't find myself getting angry at any of the awards! That is nearly always why I hate watching the Oscars, yet there was nothing where I was rolling my eyes and going, "Oh, of COURSE." I thought all the winners and nearly all the nominees seemed pretty quality.

My mom was really excited by the supporting actor winner from Bridge of Spies. She loved that movie. I thought it looked boring, to which she said, "You didn't live through the Cold War."

I am still laughing about the one Mad Max lady who swaggered up to the stage in her motorcycle jacket and Harry Potter scarf. In case you've ever wondered if the ceremony has a dress code, I guess the answer is no.

(On a serious note, Brie Larson's dress was an A+ example of how to do plunging cleavage without actually revealing anything. I think it was the gauzy strip on the inside of the neckline that provided cover without fully covering at the same time. Maybe it looked different from the side, but as far as I could see, it was perfect. Actual favorite dress was the non-title girl from The Danish Girl, though.)

Jared Leto came dressed very like a Dalton Academy Warbler. This is my favorite day.

I still can't bring myself around on the idea of watching Mad Max: Fury Road. It just looks like a bunch of dirty, grimy, gross and nasty-looking people screaming and attacking each other against a colorless backdrop. It could not look more unpleasant unless they were also involved in a bunch of explicit sex scenes.

My saddest moment was wondering why Pitch Perfect 2 didn't get in on Original Song. Couldn't "Crazy Youngsters" have qualified? Don't tell me The frigggin' Weeknd's boring song for that pile of garbage movie was more worthy of a nomination than like...anything.
(edit: apparently it was not eligible, based on a list of eligible songs I found, but "Flashlight" was. OK, that's too terrible to consider. But hey, look what else was more deserving that didn't get one -- my fave, Juanes' "Juntos"!)

I really enjoyed the aerial rope twirling antics going on during The Weeknd's boring song. It helped me completely tune them out, except when they insisted on close-ups of the lead guy's face. (they also cut to that guy's face during the regular broadcast a LOT. What exactly was so important about seeing his reactions to things?)

Speaking of song performances, the Bond song that won: is Sam Smith always that awful? I just kept staring at the screen in angry horror at this weird nasally falsetto coming out. It seemed like a good song, but sung so badly. Call Groban in here and let him shore up this mess, then I'll know for sure.

Another dud: that hella awkward and secondhand embarrassing thing with the Girl Scouts. I hate when they bother the audience and try to give them things that are awkward to hold. The only thing worse is trying to sell them things with a side of shaming for non-compliance.

I don't generally care about documentaries, but that "Price of Forgiveness" one looked really well done, even though I would never be able to watch it because of that woman's red eye squicking me the hell out, and the woman's acceptance speech was amazing. I'm really glad she got recognized.

JUSTICE4LEO!!!!!!!! I didn't realize how invested I was in his success until his name was called, and then I may have whooped without realizing why. Apparently that feeling just seeped into me via Tumblr Osmosis.

Also, it was so bizarre hearing his normal voice. He has such a nice voice! I'm so used to him affecting weird, terrible accents that sound completely unnatural that I forgot what his real one sounded like.

Movies I have come out of this wanting more strongly to see:
-The Revenant (also, I had the worst time remembering what this was called until Chris looked up what it meant -- "a person who has returned" -- and then I was like, DUH-DOI, like the French revenir. Use your all but eroded foreign language skills to improve your English comprehension, at least!)

-Spotlight (Mom said she heard it was really well done, fairly balanced, and that she would also like to see it)

-Brooklyn (what is this nice, pleasant, solid, normal-looking non-animated movie with a wonderful actress doing at the Oscars? *suspicious look* What's wrong with it.)

-Possibly The Big Short? I think the story sounds really interesting but I don't know if I can handle that much Bale and Carell, no matter how weirdly fetching Old Brad Pitt looks.

-Possibly Room? I can't make up my mind about this. On the one hand, I want it to be the extended edition of that Criminal Minds episode I fell in love with a few weeks back. On the other, I'm concerned Brie Larons' character will come out too hostile for me to sympathize with her, and/or that the child will come out too contrary for me to have any tolerance for him adjusting to the real world. There's just been a lot more yelling than crying in the gifs/clips I've seen, and I need this story to fit my preconceived notions of what it should be or go home.

Also, I'm 5 episodes into Superstore now and I'm hoping to finish the rest within a week so I'm reserving chatter until then, but I need to you know this is about the happiest I've been with a random comedy since either Raising Hope or The Middle, depending on which I started watching first.


Mar. 1st, 2016 07:07 pm (UTC)
against a colorless backdrop

Hahahaha, the one thing that your description got wrong is that all the dirty people yelling at each other takes place against an extraordinarily colorful backdrop! I mostly found the movie exhausting (although pretty friggin' rad, I gotta admit) -- it's way too action-packed for me to want to watch it on a regular basis -- but the cinematography was super bright and rich and colorful and gorgeous, which I enjoyed a lot. It was a really refreshing alternative to the usual gritty-grim-dark color palate used in post-apocalyptic dystopias.

Also, Brooklyn is such a nice and sweet and gorgeous-to-look-at movie! I loved it a lot and highly recommend it, and was definitely surprised it got nominated just because it's so pleasant. I've gotten used to pretty much all Oscar nominated films being at least some level of soul-suckingly depressing. The Revenant is the EXACT AND COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF BROOKLYN IN EVERY WAY.

And I am definitely biased toward Room because I loved both the book and the movie so freakin' much, THEY STOLE MY SOUL AWAY!!!!, but I felt like the conflict between them is super poignant, in that the kid doesn't see what's wrong with their lives because his mom has made Room into a world that he loves and he has no idea that anything else is out there (which, make me cry for 800 years at that level of selfless and amazing parenting), whereas of course his mom just wants to get them out and save them and not have to live in her rapist's friggin' garden shed anymore. Aaaaaaah, it's such a beautiful and gripping story, I recommend it very highly. (I would recommend reading the book first if you're interested in doing so, just because it was such a good book.)

Lastly, there's a tiny itty bitty storyline with a dog in the movie that is so sweet it pretty much makes the whole movie worth watching, in my extremely sentimental dog-loving estimation.
Mar. 2nd, 2016 04:42 am (UTC)
That is a really lovely description of Room, and I trust your opinion of its excellence. Plus now I have to see it for the dog. ONCE AGAIN, THE MEDIA FAILIN' TO INFORM ME OF DOG INCLUSION.

I also love the descriptions of Brooklyn and The Revenant. Not that this has lessened my interest in the latter. But it is really good to hear that Brooklyn as as pleasant as it looks.

Re: Mad Max...I swear that everything I've seen has taken place in a desert. Is it just a really bright and vibrant desert? I feel like I'm going to have to see this movie just so I can judge it With Authority.

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