RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Popping on solely to say that I have mostly been on a computer break since 4:00 on Saturday, minus the 3 hours I spent on work today. I did such things as:
-Take a huuuuge 1.5 hour walk, the effects of which I am still feeling in my achy calf muscles, even though I did stretch
-Birefly window-shop for clothes both new and at Goodwill
-Watch 2 movies with my family (I am STILL ruminating on "No Escape." It continues to haunt my brain uninvited. What a good movie.)
-Read a couple of book chapters. What good books I am reading.
-Run to dollar store and Aldi to get some groceries I can store at night job in case of being too busy to eat before leaving home
-Visit boyfriend twice

And now, back to kick-punching work! I actually dilligently put in an hour last night, so I started my day a little ahead of schedule, which is rare and fleeting and probably not sustainable (I was ahead of work until Wednesday this past week, and look how it turned out), but as long as I'm feeling good and productive, I'm going to chase that feeling!
Tags: life, rage-o-hol, work

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