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"And all I wanna do is have some fun," specifically writing about TV (HOW INTENSE WAS SURVIVOR LAST WEEK!!) or starting to edit up The Music of 2016 Part 1 because Spotify's "Discover Weekly" feature is literally the Goodreads Recs of music and has thrown approximately 583 (or maybe fewer) great songs at my ears this month, but.

I am too afraid that if I start to do fun things, I will get carried by adrenaline, stay up until 3 AM, and wake up late and panicking to try and get myself in a good place for finishing at noon on Friday. And tomorrow afternoon I also need to fit in a shower, and although I need to get some of Friday's work done tomorrow, I still want to leave a little early for work so I can buy the book I saw at Savers today (Rookie Yearbook Year 3). It is an awesome-looking book, and at least 5x more expensive/harder to find online, but I ran out of time to buy it today because I only had 15 minutes to get to work (with a 5-minute remaining drive), and there was only one cashier and she was slowly wrapping about 20 breakable dishware/pottery items for this customer and I just could not afford to risk that wait.

Side note: I actually found a total of 3 books I wouldn't mind buying. Which is THE WORST FEELING because at Savers, if you buy 4 books you get a 5th one free! To find 3 means you have are spending the maximum amount of money with no reward. Even if I only found 4 great ones, I could easily find a 5th I wouldn't mind taking free. But trying to find a viable 4th book that you would only be buying for this deal is a waste of money...just one that's really, really hard to convince yourself is the waste you know it to be.

ANYWAY. This was my fun break. So now I am going to dilligently go back to work, unless I (hopefully) get tuckered enough to go to bed before 12:30.
P.S. It is both weird and awesome to be working so much. Mostly I keep myself feeling awesome about it because I keep hearing "Gettin' mon-ay, divas gettin' money" (Glee cast version, obvs.) ringing through my head as my theme song.


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