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I RELEASE MYSELF. And bring you video gifts! And other things.

Note: written at 11:30 PM last night and scheduled for morning to give you a breather. I've had a lot of thoughts I stored up in the past week, and in order to clean up My Documents a bit, I want to send them all out:

1. A truly amazing Community fanvid/homage to paintball: This Is War. It's 5.5 minutes long but it's so worth it. In the beginning, in particular, there are some truly amazing lyric/imagery matches. It's like the song was written for this video. Also, the video is from 2011 so maybe you've seen it, but if not, GET THEE TO YOUTUBE STAT. Someone talk at me about how great it is!

2. Speaking of YouTube, perhaps you would prefer Sad Ben Affleck (my boyfriend linked me to it with the words "THIS IS NOW THE BEST THING EVER." I promise you he is right). Then, once you have seen that, I think you will really enjoy the Dramatic Self-Affirming Inner Monologue DJ Khaled remix.

3. On a related note, can someone explain to me why Superman vs. Batman even exists?Seriously. For as long as I have heard this title/the premise, I have been HOWLING WITH LAUGHTER every time I hear it referenced because THIS IS THE ACTUAL DUMBEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD OF.  Why would you make this? Is it supposed to campy and ridiculous? But it looks pretty weirdly serious, especially because Ben Affleck is involved, and he's noticeably Not Adam Sandler, who is more the kind of actor I'd expect to have this lack of shame. I am trying to come up with a simile to describe its apparent badness, and I just can't. Nothing could be this bizarre. (BARNEY THE DINOSAUR VERSUS POWER RANGERS?? No-no, I got it. Cinderella vs. Belle. TRADITIONAL PRINCESS OR ELEVATED PEASANT? Who will rule the united kingdoms!)

Who is giving this film money in the form of tickets, is the real question though.

4. I have officially given up on the idea of ever catching up on Grey's Anatomy, or even just rejoining with season 12 and its time jump, so I no longer care about spoilers but I do occasionally click on articles that sound interesting. For instance, I read part of this recap for 12x15, and frankly, the next step in April's life is pretty clear to me:

[spoiler cut]Article Quote: [She didn't tell Jackson about the baby before the divorce because] she didn’t want him to stay with her for the sake of the baby and end up hating her. Which, he suggested, he already did. At that, Richard rang the bell, bringing to an end the first of what seemed likely to be many, many rounds. At least Owen was able to offer April some comfort. When she wept, “Everything is all screwed up,” he reminded her that she was having a baby, and that in and of itself was a miracle.
Immediate Response: HOW ABOUT APRIL & OWEN HOOK UP AND RAISE THAT BABY TOGETHER. She wants a baby! He wants a baby! They have both lived through the loss of a baby! Meanwhile, I think Jackson would fit into that dynamic as a divorced dad extremely well, in a way that almost never works for me because I am an intense propoent of parent-shipping.
I am totally down for him as a dad, I just don't need any more nonsense about him trying to be her husband. YA TRIED IT AND YA FAILED IT, and I have a lot of complicated feelings on whether I think that storyline (and everything else re: April's love life) would be worth watching one day, but right now I don't have the kind of energy it takes to try and fight for that marriage to work. Not when there is The Greatest Solution that I have been quietly shipping since forever in a casual AU way, and now that I've realized it's actually feasible in canon, well...

(unles Owen is dating someone I don't know about? Eh.)
Tags: community, grey's anatomy, loltastic, movies, video recs
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