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Okay, so far I hate 'most all the contestants. That's not a good way to start.

So You Think You Can Dance: I like how Nigel went on and on about how they were afraid of being seen as showing favoritism towards Lauren because she'd worked as an assistant choreographer last season, as if a full 30% of this year's contestants do not have some connection with last season.

In addition to her, we have
-Recurring featured auditioner Hok
-Star dancer at studio with Travis
-Travis' brother
-Stanislav's sister
-Benji's sister

Seriously, WTF.  Do other reality shows suffer from this sort of, for lack of a better word, inbreeding?  I find it just the teensiest bit annoying, especially when Benji's sister "scraped" in while a lovely, pleasant, and talented willowy blonde was turned away because they'd already filled their quota of people like her.  They also turned away a very sweet-looking girl who could have been my Donyelle 2.0, as far as body type, and even though we only saw about 5 seconds of her I liked her a great deal.  Oh, and "Twitch."  *twitches* He was my favorite break dancer, you know, on talent, looks, AND personality.

So who have the judges chosen?  Well, pop yourself over here to see their pictures and bios.  Otherwise, in alphabetical order by first name, since that's all we'll ever hear anyway, here are my reactions to them:

Anya: I dunno; she didn't make any kind of impression on me when we saw her in auditions, but I might end up liking her in light of present company.

Ashlee: Huh, I don't remember her at all.  I have hope, though; she looks cute, and apparently does some nice lyrical.

Cedric (not the Entertainer): know, that pretty much says it all.

Danny: I think I remember "oohing" over his fouettes during auditions, but I think that was only because I was so starved for some quality dancing that wasn't hip-hop, breakdance, or writhing lyrical.   Looking at him now, SO NOT AMUSED by the lack of attractive males so far.  Also, he's the guy Shane Sparks whined about as being a definite mistake due to his arrogance, and since I kind of like and respect Shane more than, say, Mary, I'm inclined to agree.   And also, because the other judges apparently do not remember a man called "Jaymz" (or as he sometimes spell it, "Jamyz")

Oh, and also, he's Travis' (adopted) brother, but I try not to remember that because it makes me cry. 

Dominic "D'Trix": OI!  I hate him and he sucks.  His dancing does not amuse me in the slightest, and to make matters worse he is not even adding anything to the overall attractiveness of the guys so far.  I demand that the judges be given time to reconsider how they really meant to bring in Hok and Twitch to be their two male breakdancers this season.

Faina: I WOULD call her "Stanislav's Sister," except that I am trying hard to forget that Stanislav ever existed, because he CREEPED ME THE HELL OUT.  American Idol's Phil had nothing on Stanislav's Creepy Factor.  She'  I'm not overly fond of the ballroom types, but I can't seem to find a reason to hate her.  Even though nothing about her interests me at all.

Hok: OH!  I completely forgot how marvelous his accent is.  Despite his ultra-disturbing "hair," if it can even be called that, I like his voice too much to care about anything else.  STILL not adding anything to the attractiveness quotient, but he is quite charming, and I like his dancing, and of course, there's the voice of velvet.  And he reminds me of season 2, in a good way.  *sighs fondly*

Jamie:  I don't remember her at all, but because I like her looks (namely her super-curly hair) and she does lyrical, I'm going to make her my frontrunner.  Oh, and some late-breaking internet news says she won some major title while dancing at Travis' studio, and is friends with him or something.  This is one connection I definitely don't mind.

Jessi, who prefers that this be pronounced "Yessi," but whom I shall call Oily* or possibly Dancing Jeanne**:   *seethes* The first asterisk is because no matter how hard I try, that nasty image of her smearing on the baby oil is burned onto my retinas.  And it still makes me want to vomit.   The double asterisk is because she looks FRIGHTENINGLY like Tony's vapid, whiny annoyance of a scene-hogging girlfriend on NCIS, which is so not going to help me stop hating her.  She also reminds me a good deal of s.2's Natalie, and we know how I felt about HER.
Jesus, possibly known better as Chuy: SERIOUSLY, JUDGES, where is my eye candy?! 

Jimmy: *growls* Eye candy.  I want it.  This isn't funny anymore.

Kameron: Ditto, but also, EW GROSS with the mohawk thing and the scruff and the overall grungy vibe...I pity whatever girl has to get close to him.

Lacey Benji's Sister: Doesn't get to be called her own name yet because I'm too annoyed with her for looking like Ashlee Simpson (the famous one, not the one who auditioned for this show).  Infused with Hilary Duff's peppiness.  She IS that annoying little sister who tags along after her brother's crowd, the one you really wish would just go home.  Nope, not liking the junior Schwimmer.

Lauren the Assistant Choreographer: I'm torn on this one.  Part of me wants to like her, because she does seem like a real dancer, her talent is like whoa, and I think maybe she's a genuinely nice person, truly focused on dancing well and getting better...but the other part of me thinks oh my GOD she looks like the epitome of dumb high schooler, one of the girls who would wear too much makeup and stand in clumps in the hallways in the morning talking about nothing at all. actually like a lot of the girls at my college.  Girls I don't like.  So we'll have to wait and see whether or not she's full of herself.  If she isn't, she might be my fave.

Neil: THERE YOU ARE!!  *glomps* Thank God, someone who's actually enjoyable to look at!  He will be my season 3 Ben, and if you cut him in the first half of the competition, hell will be raised.  He looks a bit like a blonder Eric Szmanda, see, when he still had short hair unfortunately, but still.  Neil is my SYTYCD boyfriend, in case you have not yet picked up on that.

Pasha: *squeals* I think I might have a back-up SYTYCD boyfriend!  Like I said, I don't love the ballroom, and this guy looks about 30 years old, but I think he has the potential to grow on me like Dmitry did.

Ricky Palomino (I know, misleading, as he's quite dark and not blond at all): As much as I love his dancing, I'd love it more if he didn't talk beforehand.  Or afterwards, for that matter.  Is there a Silencio spellcaster handy?  He looks a bit like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and between that and his dancing I want to forgive, but then he starts rambling about the choreographers and being all weird and a combination of fanboy and budding leerer, unsettling, to say the least.  Damn his fantastic split leaps and pirouettes!

Sabra: Erm...that hair doesn't quite go with the skin tone, does it?  Giant Afro with nearly Caucasian skin.  It's inconsistent.  It irks.   But I think she can dance (no pun intended), which is a plus.

Sara: If we have someone else fixing her hair, makeup, costumes, and dance type...I think I could like her.  She seems plucky and cheerful, so although I am not overfond of her street dancing persona, she too is among my frontrunners.

Shauna: Well, it was about TIME we had someone who looked like the people on my old competition line.  Tall, slim, long blonde hair.  If everyone they cast was this pretty I doubt I'd make a big deal over her, but as it is, I have to cheer for her on principle like I did with Haley on AI.  Dunno how much substance there'll be, though, which could make me drop her right quick.

Final words: And least whiny, melodramatic, camera-whoring Olivia (she of the Sob Story Mother) didn't make it.  SMALL FAVORS...

Also, I think I need a dance icon.  I have one, but the question is which of my six pretty icons I should sacrifice.  I'm thinking Horatio, since I have two CSI: Miami ones, except then I lose the closest I have to an angry/unamused icon...
/Pirate Master: This business of women running around in bikinis is becoming detrimental to my enjoyment of the show.  You promised me pirate garb, damn it.  I enjoy the headscarves and the heavy necklaces, but you know what else would be sweet?  Shirts and pants.

Speaking of shirts, Joe Don seems to spend an inordinate amount of time without one.  In fact, when he constantly struts around bare-chested, in tight pants and with that stupid hat perpetually perched on his head, I get the very uncomfortable feeling he's about to launch into some dirty roleplaying games in the bedroom.  In all seriousness, though, if he's so into pretending he's a real ship captain...wouldn't you assume the captains would want to remain clothed in their finery whenever possible, to remind people of their pompous asshattery importance?

I enjoyed the treasure hunt even more this week what with the addition of LIVE SNAKES to the pit in which one of the clues was hidden...heh.  That was even better than crocodile heads.   I am, however, annoyed by the fact that only about half this show is interesting, since the first 3-4 minutes are spent recapping, another minute's gone on the theme song, and action ceases entirely by 7:45 as, just like Survivor, voting is dragged out in a very uninteresting way for a while, and they tend to roll credits by 7:54.  Then you get a couple minutes of commercials, then previews for next week, and then more commercials until it's time for CSI, or in my case to switch the channel.  By that point, I've forgotten all the fun stuff I wanted to talk about.  Oh well. 

["Edit" is the new "P.S.": Well, it took until 24 hours before its airing, but FOX finally deigned to run a preview for Standoff!  Yay!  It's only about 10 seconds long, but it's got a classic Matt-n-Emily exchange, so I'm happy.]

[Double edit: And because clearly I did not sleep tonight, I trolled the internet for news about this episode, and although Google has been less than helpful in past months, it actually coughed up a whole detailed episode summary for both this week and next's.  Also, for tonight, lookie-lookie-lookie at the nice (if perhaps spoilery) picture!  No, despite waiting for six months, I could not wait a few more hours.]
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