RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

CSI Miami in Retrospect

I had a big ole post explaining my absence, but then the campus decided to have a big ole power outage, which killed it.  Boo.  Okay: I haven't been watching much TV since finale week.  Like, at all.  Usually during the summer, I either pick up a "new" show to watch (last year's winner - NCIS) or at the very least, watch shows in conflicting schoolyear timeslots, like Crossing Jordan and ER.  But this year...nothing!  Not even a random fun reality show.  I've been watching only my CSI Miami reruns for taping purposes, and then NCIS when it's a season 2 ep on Saturday night I've never seen. 

Well...actually, I've *sort* of been watching TV...with comparatively little money-paying, I ordered the first three seasons of CSI Miami on DVD (grand total of $117).  Season 2 first, because there were recaps for s.1 at TWoP and season 3 was playing out on A&E.  Then I caved and ordered season 1, because season 2 was so much fun when it arrived.   And I just ordered season 3 on Wednesday, because I can't wait any longer to see some of those episodes!  These are my first boxed DVD sets - of anything - ever!

I love it.  I saw the Madison episodes I hadn't seen since their first airing (if ever).  She is as adorable as I'd imagined and more.  How come she hasn't been on the show since s.3?!  And boy, did I forget how much I loved Yelina.  I renew my pleas to shoot Raymond Caine in the head and bring her back where she belongs.  Anyway, now that I have the first season, I'm trying to be patient and watch the series in order now.  I've gotten through four episodes, counting the CSI ep that was their pilot.  Don't know how much longer this patience of mine will hold out, but it's kind of fun to see super old episodes.  Most of them I even remember watching for the first time, but I don't remember any of the case details,'s like it's all new.  Hehe.

Tags: csi: miami, dvds, school

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