RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

This is why I try not to watch auditions.

Because 90% of the people they feature in the audition rounds will get cut.  I'll be surprised if fewer than 15 out of the top 20 are people we've never even seen before, which is incredibly annoying.  What's the point of springing total strangers on us?

Why yes, I'm sore about the cute dance teacher and her lovely swan of a student being cut, how could you tell?  They reminded me of people at my dance studio, made the competition more real.

And I was liking the Lindy Hoppers well enough, if not totally over the moon about them, but that all died after the girl sniffed that she was cut not for her dance technique, but her style of dancing.  Because the Lindy Hop in no way resembles any type of swing dancing, I guess, which as you may recall was the preferred style of last year's winner.

Of course, there are some good things about those people being cut.  For example, the following annoying sob stories are outta here:
-Football player turned ballerina boy
-"I was crushed in a bombed building in Israel" girl
-Alas, "Makin' Momma happy by auditioninin' for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!" girl has clung onto the final round.   I actually dislike her more than anyone, because if I have to see that stupid mother sobbing on camera one more time, I think I might vomit.  God, woman, stop talking about a (fairly fledgling) television show like it's a cure for cancer, or like your daughter just won the Nobel Prize.  The girl's overdeveloped sense of melodrama does not help.

Still have my fingers crossed that the girl who smeared baby oil on her stomach during her first audition gets cut.  That image still grosses me out, which is a pity because I might have liked her otherwise.

However, all in all, Vegas Week is much more interesting than the regular auditions, not least because we got Mia Michaels back on the panel for this part, and she's tamed last year's weird spikes and looks much better now.  Loved watching her and Shane choreograph routines.   I'm not quite sure I understand the point of having dancers work through the night to choreograph their own group routines, though.  Not only is it not really a skill they need, after a long day of dancing, as it seems rather cruel and I can't believe they couldn't add one extra day to their audition schedules.  ...I take that back.  They won't need to choreograph outside their solos, but it's to prepare them for the pace of the show, which will involve long hours 7 days a week for approximately two months. 

The highlight of my night was seeing Dmitry again, and I almost didn't recognize him with that floppy fringe of hair almost obscuring his face.  It makes his nose look much bigger.  I can't believe I'm asking for gel and spikes, but...gel and spikes, please; it worked better.
Tags: sytycd, tv commentary

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