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Look at me, look at me, I'm so good at Gooooodreads*

I realize Goodreads has like 25 million members (possibly way more than that), and 1346 reviews of books I've read in my entire life (including some picture books) doesn't feel like it should be that epic a feat...but this little infographic still made my night! I'm inadvertently so much better at GR than every other social media site, and this fact will never stop both being hilarious and feeling truly appropriate to how I live my life.

*title phrase musically brought to you by my newest love in the collection from my greater love, The Musical Moments of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,which is still in this comment for now** but is going to be SUCH A LONG POST as soon as I have a minute to breathe! I almost started writing it now and then I remembered that I literally spent five hours last night obsessively unable to stop playing these videos (with occasional breaks to be nostalgic about Glee performances), and there was hell to pay in the form of sleep loss in order to still spend 6-7 hours on work today without quite finishing, so let's not do that again.

**the others of you who commented -- I appreciate 'chu, I just have been waiting to listen to some of the music before I reply. I've been a little distracted by...wonderful/terrible other music? (IT'S IN ME. It's in all of us.)
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