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I've become a ghost in your garden, fading into view

I'm pretty sure this is at least ties for my longest-ever absence from posting (IT HAS BEEN EIGHT DAYS), and I am still not back because I am still working NINE MILLION HOURS (this past month I made almost twice what I normally make in a month. From my regular job. Then I still had night job monies to add in!), and all I want to do is write 15 TV posts, but what I want to do even more than that is take long walks in nice weather and read and go to estate sales and run errands and hang out w/ boyfriend, and trying to accomplish those non-computer things is hard enough to find the time to do between jobs and dumb time-wasters like "keeping clean."

So. Barring an unexpected free night or mental breakdown, I am going to continue prioritizing those things until the seasonal work ends, which feels like it might be end of June at this point. Not complaining about that, but it does make me feel like I'm caught in some kind of amusement park spinny ride and will hardly know which way is up until I get off said ride. I've basically completely wiped TV out of existence at this point (though I guess I'll show up to find out upfronts news).

Every second I think about looking at or writing for LJ, I feel guilty and antsy because HEY RS YOU COULD INSTEAD BE WORKING IN ORDER TO GET OFF THE COMPUTER EARLIER TOMORROW. Ergo, because LJ is unfortunately neither a money-earner nor currently the #1 mental health improver, I have to just let go of the "but I need to keep up with ALL THE THINGS" feelings that spike my stress to unmanageable levels, consider y'all to be cryogenically frozen and in cold storage with all my new episodes of TV, i.e. ready and waiting for me to enjoy, unchanged, at my leisure.

(watch me have time for a post tomorrow after putting this announcement off for days)
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