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I should have known, you're still Mindy, you'll never change

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Accidentally visited TV Line last week and got hit in the face with a tantalizing spoiler-filled interview related to The Mindy Project's midseason premiere (and what lies beyond, so fair warning before you click!), which I of course immediately read, so here are some reactions about that episode because THIS SUBJECT LINE IS TOO PERFECT NOT TO UTILIZE FOR THIS SITUATION

Alternate Title: Mindy With A Broken Heart*

Seriously, what is up with this particular plot twist? The only good news is that the subject line can refer to both Lahiri and Kaling. Like, who the hell takes a delightful rom com and says, "The most enjoyable possible way to build on this is to weigh it down with a baby AND break up the OTP"?

*Disclaimer: I have not seen anything past the season premiere and only vaguely followed this season's trajectory so I dunno how this breakup went down or how many months have passed in that universe, but I think we are all pretty clear on how the only thing I like less than Danny/Mindy as a couple is change and/or parents who split up for reasons other than addiction or abuse. And if you talk at me about how Danny's behavior qualifies as the latter, I will modify that statement to "physical abuse," so don't make me.

Also, it turns out I advocated pretty hard for them to break up actually not that long ago, so I don't know why I am complaining except that I like to be contrary. And maybe the fact that that was pre-baby, which apparently makes a moderate difference to me.
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