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Is this because I said I didn't care about David Bowie

I truly don't have time to dwell on either of these things; I saw the headlines and did a cursory scan and went "nope can't deal with this right now I'm out" and went back to work, but I need to have a historical record of them on the right day so here is an abbreviate version.

1. Prince is dead??? NO. Undo. Ctrl+Z. Not okay. I feel things about this. A lot of things. Somewhat secondhandedly because I was half as much an admirer of "people who admired Prince" as I was of the actual person, but I am very fondly attached to my 2-CD "Prince: The Hits" collection and have been since I took possession of them in 2004 in attempt to be more like a classmate I considered a role model. I don't have any other music of his, but I love those two.

Furthermore, it's straight-up awesome that someone this famous (and with so much contempt for digital music and other technology) is from my general area AND continues to maintain residence in said general-ish area. Once I started paying attention, it turns out he is pretty cool. I have always enjoyed hearing about what he is up to. And now that is all just...stopped, forever. WORST NEWS.

(side note: I thought my "shocking celebrity death" for the day was going to be Chyna, honestly. And that was a very brief "holy crap I know who that is -- the person with the best name ever! and pretty much nothing else; I think she was a wrestler?")

[actually the second thing is related to Castle. So it's technically a spoiler and therefore gets a spoiler cut.]
2. But prior to either of those things, I randomly visited TV Line and holy #%*(#^ m-f-ing hell what do you mean "STANA KATIC IS OUT". The hell?! THE HELL? Oh god please don't let season 9 exist even though it probably will, and again I say, THE HELL!!!!!!!!!! How you just fire one of your two stars who is ALSO half the OTP (ruined mess though it was) AS A "COST SAVING MEASURE." I will get ALL OF THE FEMINISTS involved in this and rally around with Misogyny banners and wage inequality rhetoric, so help me, I will.
I just, I don't even know. I don't know or care how they're going to write her out. If they kill her, at least we know for sure that show couldn't be saved. If they end up separated, that's not any worse than season 8 already was. If they give them a happy ending and claim she's just offscreen the whole time, OK, but I saw CSI try that and it is the FARTHEST thing from a guaranteed permanent happy ending unless the show gets put down for good right quick. So whatever. I had almost zero hope of it redeeming itself anyway, but there was always the chance, and now it's really gone.
So. I will just be over here holding my memories of the last episodes I saw at the end of season 7, cradling them in bewildement and wondering how this beautiful, perfect show went so far to hell so fast.
And now, back to numbing my brain with work so I can maybe have time to do a fun thing tomorrow. The second I get a break, a real one and not an LJ-writing frenzy to get it out, everything will be glorious.
Tags: castle, celebrity death, rage-o-hol, speculation, spoilers

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