RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Stuff I've Done This Weekend

  • Went to an estate sale, which was awesome

  • Worked for 5.5 hours, which was less awesome, but I got a full 1.5 day weekend afterwards

  • Walked for 5 miles in one day (great choice when you've gotten like no exercise in a month)

  • Wrote in real journal for an hour

  • Went back to library sale for the bag sale, and filled bag to brim w/ a combo of keepers and "stuff to read & release."

  • Watched 2 movies

  • Collapsed because I am still recovering from that walk oh god why (just kidding I REGRET NOTHING. It was beautiful yesterday and thunderstorms today)

  • Work resumes tomorrow, but this break has been nothing short of glorious. Today is also the first time I've had an entire day off all month, not counting 2 days of vacation, which was mega fun but still exhausting/not restful.

  • And because work is 100% computers, I am relishing my break from them and logging off right now so I don't have to do any more stupid typing.


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