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In case you were previously unclear about my level of Working All Of The Hours.


(above time, which was only for day job last week, does not take into account any time I spend composing longer emails in Notepad -- or breaks/whenever my mouse movement/typing stops longer than a minute) (also, because the contrast is worse than I thought...if you can't read it, that image says "34 hours, 47 minutes")

BUT GUESS WHAT. Despite that, I stopped working at 1:40pm on Saturday AND I still only had to spend 70 minutes on the day job today and now I'm going to catch up on the first posting backlog. The most important thing of all: Survivor.

Previously on Rainbow Stevie's Survivor Reviews: I wrote a research paper about episode 4, a.k.a. All Of The Medical Emergencies (Until The Next Medical Evacuation). So, moving on.

Episode 5: Can't remember much/afraid to get spoiled if I read reviews, so suffice to say that College Student Julia is pretty much the cutest/pluckiest/most adorable Survivor ever; it is like watching a very determined puppy play with the big dogs. I want her around all the time! Also, it was a shame that our tribe switch/opportunity to bust up the Jerk Dogs happened to implode Beauty instead, and we lost the Super Pretty Anna.

Episode 6: I cannot express how wonderful it is that everyone just calls Peter on his BS immediately. Almost as wonderful as how much I like watching Joe & Aubry work together. (FBI MENTOR/ROOKIE AGENT AU??) But nothing was more wonderful than watching them kick his cocky ass out the door. Also, I'm not sure which one or if was both these eps, but I have to say that watching Debbie wheel & deal is kind of a treat.

Episode 7: Everyone's giant infected boils were gross...but mostly fascinating; I appreciated the close-ups. I'm sorry you had to learn this about me, but I'm not deleting it. I'm not real sorry to see Neal go, but I did feel bad for him getting pulled from the game due to his stupid knee-adjacent crater infection Just not as bad as I felt for Aubry, who keeps getting kicked while she's down*. I hope the sheer amount she has cried on camera means she's going to majestically triumph in the end. I still want to be her best friend.

(*Update: Neal continues to prove he is a pretentious weirdo after the game: "My death gave her life, because she was likely going home. So, I felt like I didn’t really owe her anything,” he explained of his decision to leave with the idol instead [of giving it to Aubry]. “Selfishly, the idol stood for this victory that I was going to have, this one little piece of the game that I could hold onto and cherish. So I made the decision and I kept it.” -- from The Sun)

Episode 8: Oh man, that ice cream challenge was mean. (funny side note, I am reading an ice cream shop memoir right now) But good on Julia figuring out how to walk on the pole platforms to cross the water (while, it should be noted, Team Captain Aubry hit the water time and again). Also, the paint bucket challenge is one of my favorites; great immunity challenge. It was pretty amazing to watch Tai mind-over-matter that one, as much it was to watch Cydney blow this game up and decide, "All right pretty boy, that's enough, Imma help the other girls take you out." Bye Nick! Two arrogrant dudebros down, two to go.

(I am really liking this new post-merge Cydney. I especially like how well she works with Aubry and seems very amenable to any and all plans the latter comes up with -- it's the first time she's seemed like she's really had a friend. Also love her total contempt for how the Jerk Dogs cut her out of their alliance on a whim)

Episode 9: ...are Jason and Scott actual sociopaths. And does it make me a sociopath if I slightly hope they die prematurely young. The fact that they were convinced this was perfectly justified, like they were personally attacked first, was so weird and maybe makes them worse than Grossell. How dare those other people sabotage them! And by "sabotage" they mean "try to vote them out of the game," which apparently is a totally hostile and unnecessary part of gameplay, way worse than dumping 5 gallons of drinking water on the fire. At least everyone just kind of stared at them in disgust/disbelief and then decided to ignore their temper tantrums.

(side note: why does Tai get away with everything? I'm watching him literally do the same thing Scott did that made me wish death upon him, except under cover of darkness and without anyone knowing, and all he has to do is apologetically say "well I don't really want to, but I feel like I have to to save my own skin," and my response is like "awww okay that's perfectly understandable. You do you." He even lies about it the next day and not only does no one suspect a thing, he lies so authentically that even I almost forgot it was a lie. Sorcery!)

I really loved the shots of Mark the Chicken sitting on Tai's shoulder. That bond is super adorable. I'm glad the group decided to let him keep the last one for a pet. What a reasonable lot.

I'm glad Audrey knuckled up and booted Debbie out. I think that was about the right time to do it. Julia is definitely a liability. A cute as a button liability, but nevertheless.

Episode 10: AHAHAHAHA. Three dudebros out, one to go. I truly did not see Tai turning, because he really was in a good position to get to the end even if he didn't like where he was, but I see he has chosen The Path of Wu and I'm grateful for it.

Also, is Aubry made of magic? She is indeed fighting like a hellcat, and she is as stressed out about it as I was trying to get A's in all my advanced classes, but more often than not her efforts somehow come together to pay off at the end. Scott's ouster is 95% her doing, given the absolutely PERFECT way she presented Tai's new option to him with zero pressure and made it sound like she didn't even want him to join her unless he genuinely thought it was a good idea, and 5% on Tai's willingness to quietly, apologetically, betray. (p.s. laughing at Scott's expression forever and ever and ever. It was like it was happening in slo-mo. He just could not understand why a person would do this to him. Scott. The NBA champion/Obviously Best Alliance Mate Ever.)

As for Julia...I mean, I understand why she's with them, and she gave a very well reasoned TH about it, but she also reminds me of someone marrying for money in a very calculated way. You want to respect their endgame, but somehow it's really tough to respect them as a person. Between that and her petty "we're eating the chicken as soon as Tai's gone" comment in the preview, I think I'm about to kick Julia off the pedestal she's on and laugh at her fall.

Also I really liked the 3-winner challenge, 1 part food (MICHELLE, KICKING DUDEBRO ASS AND EATING CHEESEBURGERS), 1 part letters from home (good on Julia), and 1 part fierce immunity competition, ultimately won by Pirate Matey, but not before Aubrey forced the world (Jason in particular) to respect her. And I'm pretty sure Pirate Matey winning is what made the spectacular tribal council blowout happen, so in the end that wasn't even a tragedy.

New episode in 48 hours! Somehow, though, this is going to feel longer than the past month of waiting.

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