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COMPLETE: Reading & Movie Lists, 06-07

[And updated with statistics & end-of-year summaries, so you should click the cuts even if you've already seen this post at some point before.]
Since I am always misplacing the physical lists, I thought I'd start maintaining my reading and movies-watched lists here.  I started keeping a chart at the beginning of 9th grade, after reading a biography which made mention of the subject's childhood reading lists.  I thought it would be fun to do the same, so I could look back on the past.

Both fiction and non-fiction count, whether for school or pleasure reading, provided I read all the way through and didn't toss it aside in boredom or only read select chapters, and only books I've never read before count.  Same deal for movies, theater or rental.  Also note that because of the date I started, summers count as the end of the year rather than the beginning of a new one.  I'll switch to calendar years after graduation, starting in 2009, but for now, these run September-August.

My yearly books-read goal is 100, although this has steadily become less of a goal and more of a "minimum."  I achieved it on July 21st, and kept going.

Guide Notes:
NF = non-fiction and pg = page number.  Bold means I absolutely loved it, italics mean I recommend it but probably wouldn't read twice, plain text indicates that it was average to just okay, and strikethrough means I think it is really quite terrible.



1. Horse Miracles [NF] - ed.Brad & Sherry Streiger.  265 pg/2004
2. Funnybone - William Coles, Jr & Stephen Schwandt.  199 pg/1992


3. Club Meds - Katerine Hall Page.  166 pg/2006
4. Search for the Perfect Dog [NF] - Gary Schielder.  121 pg/1997
5. Sold - Patricia McCormick.  264 pg/2006
6. Double Helix - Nancy Welin.  248 pg/2004
7. The Noonday Friends - Mary Stolz.  182 pg/1965
8. A Woman Of Her Tribe - Nancy Robinson.  131 pg/1990
9. Confessions of a Hollywood Star - Dyan Sheldon.  202 pg/2006
10. Missing the Piano - Adam Rapp.  243, 1994
11. Sang Spell - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.  212 pg/1998
12. Hey Hmong Girl, Whassup? The Journal of Choua Vang - Leah Kempel.  135 pg/2004
13. Chanda's Secrets - Allan Stratton.  193 pg./2004
14. A Brief Chapter in my Impossible Life - Dana Reinhardt.  228 pg/2006
15. The Two Loves of Will Shakespeare - Laurie Lawlor.  273 pg/2006
16. The Tombs of Atuan - Ursula K. Le Guin.  163 pg/1971
17. Ready or Not - Mary Stolz.  243 pg/1953
18. But I Don't Want to be a Movie Star - Margaret Pinder.  250 pg/2006

19. Can't Get There From Here - Todd Strasser.  198 pg/2004
20. Witch Child - Celia Rees.  259 pg/2000
21. ChaseR: A Novel in Emails - Michael Rosen.  152 pg/2002
22. Beauty - Nancy Butcher.  168 pg/2005
23. The Horse from the Sea - Victoria Homes.  209 pg/2005
24. CSI: Miami: Cult Following - Donn Cortez.  312 pg/2006
25. Claws - Dan Greenburg.  197 pg/2006
26. Bella at Midnight - Diane Stanley.  278 pg/2006
27. Pretties - Scott Westerfeld.  384 pg/2005
28. Chronicles of Faerie: The Summer King - O.R. Melling.  344 pg/2006
29. Tallulah Falls - Christine Fletcher.  372 pg/2006

30. The Day the Sea Rolled Back - Mickey Spillane.  138 pg/1979
31. Winter Run: Stories of an Enchanted Boyhood in a Lost Time and Place - Robert Ashcomb.  224 pg/2002
32. Home Sweet Home - Jeanne Betancourt.  166 pg/1988
33. Facing the Music - Margaret Willey.  184 pg/1996
34. House of Stairs - William Sleator.  166 pg/1974
35. Mercy, Unbound - Kim Antieau.  176 pg/2006
36. CSI: Miami: Harm for the Holidays: Part 1, Misgivings - Donn Cortez.  345 pg/2006
37. Calico Captive - Elizabeth George Speare.  274 pg/1957
38. The Visitors - John Rowe Townsend.  221 pg/1977

39. Country of Broken Stone - Nancy Bond.  271 pg/1980
40. Marley and Me: Life with the World's Worst Dog [NF] - John Grogan.  289 pg/2005
41. Last Child - Michael Spooner.  230 pg/2005
42. Edge - Diane Tullson.  214 pg/2002
43. More Than You Can Chew - Marnelle Tokio.  234/2003
44. Princess and the Pauper - Kate Brian.  265 pg/2004
45. True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet - Lola Douglas.  260 pg/2005
46. Reality Chick - Lauren Barndholdt.  270 pg/2006
47. Hit By a Farm: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Barn [NF] - Catherine Friend.  240 pg/2006
48. Ask Me No Questions - Marina Budhos.  160 pg/2006
49. First Impressions - Marilyn Sachs.  117 pg/2006
50. Nightwood - Patricia Windsor.  243 pg/2006
51. And Condors Danced - Zilpha Keatley Snyder.  211 pg/1987

52. The Voyage Begun - Nancy Bond.  319 pg/1981
53. The Callender Papers - Cynthia Voigt.  214 pg/1983
54. Elephant Winter - Kim Echlin.  206 pg/1999

55. More Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet - Lola Douglas.  217 pg/2006
56. Haunted Sister - Lael Littke.  217 pg/1998
57. Zig Zag - Ellen Wittlinger.  264/2003
58. The Inheritance - Louisa May Alcott.  188 pg/written 1849 but first published 1997

59. Nancy Drew: The Clue in the Old Stagecoach - Carolyn Keene.  180 pg/1960
60. The Glass Castle - Jeannette Walls.  304 pg/2005

61. Flying Changes - Sara Gruen.  371 pg/2005
62. Witch Dreams - Vivian Vande Velde.  120 pg/2005
63. No More Saturday Nights - Norma Klein.  278 pg/1988
64. Hallie's Heart - Shelly Beach.  239 pg/2007
65. Looking for Alaska - John Green.  160 pg/2006
66. The Peter Pan Bag - Lee Kingman.  214 pg/1970
67. Riding Lessons - Sara Gruen.  387 pg/2004
68. The Trap - John Smelcer.  170 pg/2006
69. Child X - Lee Weatherly.  211 pg/2002
70. Pirates! - Celia Rees.  379 pg/2003
71. Wind Rider - Susan Williams.  309 pg/2006
72. The White Bone - Barbara Gowdy.  327 pg/1998
73. The Lost Diaries of Iris Weed - Janice Law.  320 pg/2002
74. First Boy - Gary Schmidt.  197 pg/2005
75. Molly By Any Other Name - Jean Davies Okimoto.  276 pg/1990
76. Hattie Big Sky - Kirby Larson.  288 pg/2006
77. I, Coriander - Sally Gardner.  279 pg/2005


78. Animal Days [NF] - Desmond Morris.  288 pg/1979
79. Is There a Doctor in the Zoo? [NF] - David Taylor.  213 pg/1978
80. Gone-Away Lake - Elizabeth Enright.  192 pg/1957
81. Princess Academy - Shannon Hale.  314 pg/2005

82. Abby, My Love - Hadley Irwin.  146 pg/1985
83. Out of the Fire - Deborah Froese.  282 pg/2001
84. Meet the Austins - Madeline L'Engle.  191 pg/1960
85. Pageant - Kathryn Lasky.  221 pg/1986
86. Listening for Lions - Gloria Whelan.  194 pg/2005
87. When the Phone Rang - Harry Mazer.  181 pg/1985
88. Babyface - Norma Fox Mazer.  165 pg/1990
89. The Moon by Night ("a new novel about Vicky Austin") - Madeline L'Engle.  218 pg/1963
90. Pride of the Peacock - Stephanie S. tolan.  185 pg/1986
91. Thunder: Mighty Stallion of the Hills - novelized by Mike Jahn.  1978
92. Are You In the House Alone? - Richard Peck.  156 pg/1976
93. Journey Home - Yoshiko Uchida.  131 pg/1977
94. Brother in the Land - Robert Swindells.  151 pg/1984
95. Trial Valley - Bill & Vera Cleaver.  158 pg/1977
96. The Bomb - Theodore Taylor.  161 pg/1995
97. The Bears and I [NF] - Robert Franklin Leslie.  182 pg/1968
Everlost - Neal Shusterman.  313 pg/2006
99. The Gift - Lauraine Snelling.  128 pg/2002
100. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling.  759 pg/2007


101. Fake ID - Walter Sorrels.  256 pg/2005
102. Firehorse - Diane Lee Wilson.  325 pg/2006
103. The Discontented Ghost - Scott Corbet.  180 pg/1978
104. Crabbe's Journey - William Bell.  169 pg/1986
105. Man O' War: A Legend Like Lightning [NF] - Dorothy Ours. 274 pg/2006
106. The Sky is Falling - Barbara Corcoran.  185 pg/1988
107. Dark Sunshine - Dorothy Lyons.  244 pg/1951
SUMMARY: No, I really didn't read any books in September or October.  None of my courses required me to finish an entire book cover to cover, and I was pretty thoroughly wrapped up in fanfic and other creative writing in my spare time.  I broke my 94-day non-reading streak (a lifetime record) over Thanksgiving break, when I didn't have the internet at my disposal, but otherwise I didn't have time to indulge until the semester was over.  After that a normal reading pattern resumed, and was probably aided by the fact that I took the next semester off college entirely.

April was slow because I spent most of it trying to finish "The Voyage Begun" (I had a hard time getting into the story, and yet I felt compelled to finish before I tried anything else), and then I was wrapped up in the end of the TV season, writing episode reviews practically nonstop.  Once summer broke, I started making up for my lackluster fall performance, pounding hard to make sure I reached my annual minimum.  I upped the goal at the beginning of July, when I decided I really wanted the final installment of Harry Potter to be the hundredth book on my list - it took some intense reading, including 12 novels in the final week, but I made it.

After said HP novel, my interest in reading abruptly died again.  The book had been such an emotional investment that I didn't have the heart to open any new covers.  Besides, I had reached my minimum, so I didn't technically need to read anything more until school I didn't, for 3 solid weeks, until I found myself at the library again and a few titles caught my eye.  Still, there wasn't time for a lot more, as I was getting ready for the move back to school. 

Finally, statistically speaking, the average length of a book was 229 pages.  Young Adult novels made up approximately 83% of my reading material, compared with 8% each for adult fiction and non-fiction/memoir, and the overall ratio of male to female authorship was almost exactly 1 : 2.  The final tally of 107 is the lowest of college thus far, but smack in the middle with high school factored in.
Probably due to the amount of time I spend on TV, I don't watch very many movies.  I'm used to stories wrapped up in 40 minutes; I don't have the patience for 2 hours all at once.  My yearly goal is 50, but I've never reached it.   Again, this list includes only movies I've never seen before; bold means I give it 4 stars, italics is 3 or 3.5, plain text means it was okay, and strikethrough means I couldn't stand it.

1. Citizen Kane, 1941
2. Do the Right Thing, 1989, R
3. Vertigo, 1958
4. Bonnie and Clyde, 1967

5. The Birds, 1963
6. Sunset Boulevard, 1950

7. I Am Sam, 2001, PG-13
8. Orlando, 1992, PG-13
9. Castaway, 2000, PG-13
10. Hitch, 2005, PG-13
11. Ocean's Twelve, 2004, PG-13
12. Zoolander, 2001, PG-13

13. Miss Congeniality 2, 2005, PG-13
14. Benny and Joon, 1993, PG
15. Duplex, 2003, PG-13
16. Raising Helen, 2004, PG-13
17. The Butterfly Effect, 2004, R
18. Night at the Museum, 2006, PG

19. Racing Stripes, 2005, PG
20. Pursuit of Happyness, 2006, PG-13
21. Little Black Book, 2004, PG-13

22. National Treasure, 2004, PG
23. Bewitched, 2004, PG-13
24. Kingdom of Heaven, 2005, R
25. The Skeleton Key, 2005, PG-13

26. Stick It, 2006, PG-13
27. RENT, 2005, PG-13

28. Cheaper By the Dozen 2, 2005, PG

29. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, 2007, PG-13

30. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, 2005, G
31. Fever Pitch, 2005, G
32. The Terminal, 2004, PG-13
33. Red Fury, 1984, PG
34. The Stepford Wives, 2004, PG-13
35. 50 First Dates, 2004, PG-13
36. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, 2004, PG
37. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 2007, PG-13

38. The Princess Diaries, 2001, G
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 2003, PG-13
40. The Family Stone, 2005, PG-13
41. Hide and Seek, 2005, R
42. The Amityville Horror, 2005, R
43. The Simpsons Movie, 2007, PG-13
SUMMARY: Being in a film studies class helped kickstart my movie watching this year, since we were required to attend a weekly screening of some important film (obviously, I was ill-attentive in October).  As I didn't like many of those movies, I made up for it with indulgence over the holidays.  Otherwise, this is a fairly accurate representation of my cinematic consumption - I get my DVDs from the library, so the selection isn't always that great, and sometimes I just don't feel like looking for movies at all.  I am more interested in books, as a general rule, although July's tally is particularly high because I was making more trips to the library than usual, and in August I made up in movies what I lacked in reading. 

Statiscally speaking, of movies that had ratings, PG-13 was most common at 60%, then PG (18%), R (13%) and G (7%).  I really need better stats for movies, but there's so much information one could record that I can't prioritize, so I ignore it all.  I'd like to do genre categories or something, but they're too hard to define, so rating it is.  And although I didn't start keeping track of movies until my senior year of high school, this is the highest annual tally yet. 

Or...on to the 07-08 lists!
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