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BRB requesting 15 Paul Walker movies from the library

I've run well ahead of myself in terms of my next planned Fast & Furious post, but long story short I finally got around to checking his IMDB. While my eyeballs were still bouncing around the page prior to doing a proper analysis, the title "Eight Below" jumped out at me.

Me: Eight Below? *memory flash* Wait is he the lead in OH MY GOD HE IS, 2006 PAUL WALKER AND A PACK OF HUSKIES IN A DISNEY MOVIE LEAVE-ME-TO-DIE.GIF. I am so glad l I have somehow not gotten around to seeing this movie yet.

As for the rest...

First of all, he has done/starred in a LOT of movies, holy cow. How is it possible I have seen zero of them? How did I have like no concept of him as a star beyond this franchise? Anyway, in chronological order, then, here's what jumps out at me most:

-Time for a Pleasantville rewatch!
-She's All That?? (I have literally been telling myself to see this movie since it came out)

-Varsity Blues?? (I mean, it doesn't look great, but you cannot overestimate the amount I am not done with the 2001 boy band look)

-Noel, whatever that is, that looks lovely and also has Susan Sarandon; I'll see if I can find it.

-Joy Ride? Is this some low rent verison of F&F nope just kidding it's a murdery thriller. HERE FOR THAT.

[to be investigated later: like 20 more action/thriller movies; if there are guns and criminals involved then Paul Walker is apparently here for it as well.]

-The Lazarus Project looks so dumb*, but it's already crossed my path once as there's some other actor in it I want to see too -- oh no it's Piper Perabo, the most impossible actress to resist! -- so I guess I gotta surrender now
[*edit: my bad. I was thinking of The Lazarus Effect, which actually has mainly people I hate. The Lazarus Project sounds super cool and of course our library does not have it.]

-Hours? *clicks on it* A father struggles to keep his infant daughter alive in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. HOLY FRAK THAT'S HIM HE'S THE LEAD GOOD GOD GIVE ME THIS MOVIE RIGHT THIS INSTANT

...and in an unbelievable turn of events, my library system not only has it, it's checked in at my local branch and I could check it out in 12 hours if I wanted. No way; my demands are never agreed to like that.

Today's IMDBingo Tour has been brought to you by a YouTube tour of Brian/Mia fanvids, the revelation that these fans have 6,000 craploads of footage from other sources to use for AU videos that look just like the real deal, my abrupt panic that I have only one Brian O'Conner story left and I don't even know how much he's in it, and the subsequent realization that at this height of infatuation, you can really just get your kicks from his face in any context. It's a short-lived peak, though, so you gotta get in as much as you can ASAP.

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