RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I am now very tired.

To celebrate night #1 without a night job, I...sat around being incredibly ineffectual all day, even worse than a normal Monday, because I gave myself foolish permission to work on Goodreads reviews without a time limit. Then at 5 I shrugged, declared FREE TIME, and spent 4 hours happily exhausting myself.

  • Went to Half Price Books and browsed/sold a grocery bag full of extra books for $5 and admirably did not turn around and spend it on more media even though the temptation was great

  • Went into Michaels next door out to window shop because I've always been curious about what's inside (turns out: that's the kind of place I'd like to work, if I were in retail. I'm rubbish at actually doing anything with all those tantalizing craft options, but I'd love to be surrounded by that stuff all day and talk about it as needed)

  • Walked, at a pretty good pace, for between 60 and 90 minutes

  • Got stuff I need @ dollar store

  • Went to library & picked up all my movies. Which I cannot watch until Sunday. RIGHT, SELF?

  • Deposited check/got cash

  • The only thing I didn't accomplish today was getting gas, but I can hold off on that. Maybe it will go back below $2.00. Or it will spike past today's $2.05, w/ev.


We have 98 (!) books in common. And not just super-popular stuff -- half of them are books with fewer than 2500 ratings. Several are in the 300-ratings neighborhood. And NOT EVEN IN JUST ONE GENRE, but sooo many different types of books.

Old books. New YA books. Memoirs. Historical novels. Adult/general fiction. Within those: books about animals (tons of those), books about vintage clothing, books about hoarding. A bunch of my fave author, Marguerite Henry. THE ARK. She's also the first person I've officially met who has more books on her "read" shelf than me, and the first person where the "% of library in common" amount is bigger for me than her. BONUS, our ratings are 84% similar for books we've both read. It is straight up nuts. Also, she's super active. Goodbye ALL OTHER GOODREADS FRIENDS, you're fired. (no you're not. But I feel like I need to restructure you so she gets her own tab in the updates feed, because wow)

In fact, I decided I had to screencap this miracle -- even though a lot of these are only on her "to read" list, that's more than I have in common with most people -- so here is the list from least popular books to most popular until I feel like you can see where it starts to merge into bestseller territory. Click to embiggen.



And now...oh god so much work.
Tags: goodreads, life
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