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Take over the street, that's how we roll

I don't think I can wait for The Music List to publicly shame myself, I have to tell you about how this song sense-memory attached itself onto my brain and has now been played 20 times today. I got the Furious 7 soundtrack solely for "See You Again," but before I could skip to that, the music of track 1 burst forth, I recognized it as -- I hope -- the song they used for the series recap montage at the beginning of the movie, and now I'm so awash in happy associations that I apparently can't recognize it for the curse-inclusive garbage it is because it has a catchy hook.

It's OK, though, I can tie it to into talking about driving. I'm developing quite a collection of animal world metaphors for freeway driving. Today's observation is that seeing a car pulled over by a cop is kind of like being an antelope seeing a big cat chonking down on a fresh kill. You tense on sight, because it's a predator, but then you realize that they hunt alone within their territory and if this one is newly occupied, it means you are safe for the immediate future and can relax your guard for at least a few minutes.

In completely unrelated news, Eight Below will be the death of me. It has moved into the I WILL NEVER BE HAPPY AGAIN phase of sobbing. The worst part is over and there's a happy ending within the next 40 minutes, but I don't know if I'm gonna make it. TOO MUCH SAD.

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