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It was going to be "work whirlwind, activate!" but that sounded way less cool. That's my fancy way of saying HOLY COW I NEED TO WORK SO MUCH RIGHT NOW.

I already know I am going to zero garage or estate sales this weekend, because here is what is going to happen in the next 13 hours:

  • 5-6 hours of sleep (target: 2-8AM)

  • 19.33 points of work [a full day of assignments plus about 40% of yesterday overdue for various reasons, and it's due 90 minutes earlier than usual tomorrow so honestly it will probably take 6 hours, no exaggeration.]

  • Review all the new work

After that, I review the new work. Shower. Go to night job. Talk to boyfriend. Do it all over again to get it done as early as possible on Saturday (I usually finish at the 1:30 pm deadline) BECAUSE:

We are super behind at the night job because they are super disorganized and are failing at uploading sufficient papers for us to score to keep us occupied, so they are going to offer optional hours on Saturday from 9-3 and Sunday 9-2. There is no minimum you have to work, so I'm just gonna do as much as my work schedule will allow, provided it's at least one hour on a given day.

These hours 100% conflict with garage and estate sale hours, so like I said -- the only chance I'm gonna get to see any of them is if I carve out a splash o' time between finishing the work due tomorrow and leaving for night job. There is a 99% chance I won't, especialy as I have now wasted a full 75 minutes on doing NOTHING since I got home, but one can always dream!

p.s. I looked up my subject line to make sure it was right, tripped over this, and the amount I now need to watch the Power Rangers movies again is unreal. I will never not love the hell out of every last Turbo Ranger, even more than the original ones. (exception: Kimberly is exactly as beloved as Kat in my heart)
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