RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

And there was rejoicing throughout the land

as Standoff made its glorious return. For the sake of my sanity, I will not grouse about how almost every episode of this show is aired out of order, an order which is frequently changed from the original planned airdates even if only a little, making it impossible to tell precisely where Matt and Emily are supposed to be in their relationship and what's happened so far. For example, I'm 99% sure that next week's episode was originally supposed to air before this one. Not that I'm complaining.

"No Strings"
Erm, I've either seen way too many crime dramas (entirely possible), or the main twist was easy to spot a mile away. I needed about 5 minutes to start thinking that the man wasn't doing this under his own motivation, and as soon as I heard the wife's strangely detached responses to being asked to come down, I knew she must have a weapon trained on her. Yawn, yawn, yawn. As far as the people inside the container, my mind jumped first to illegal immigrants, and then when the threats over the earpiece became increasingly violent, to women sold into prostitution. However, by the end I still wasn't entirely sure of the significance of all those people being brought over. Surely there was an easier and more discreet way to smuggle her son into the country?

Didn't find the negotiations particularly thrilling either. I wanted to, I did, but there's too much focus on what's going on inside the building between calls, and not enough on the people actually managing the negotiating. I think the guy's hostage wife had more screentime than Cheryl did.

But of course, all that really matters about this show are the Exchanges of Cute (damn, that reminds me, since this show's canceled I have to find a new couple to call The Cutest Thing in Crime Drama, and I'm not sure there are still any couples who fit that description. Danny and Elena of Without a Trace, maybe):

...of which were also in fairly short supply. Of course, seeing as I'm now judging everything by the standard of "Borderline" I just might be eternally disappointed, but...Emily's acceptance to the Quantico program seemed rather contrived and utterly without suspense. And Matt is either entirely too good about thinking on his feet and pretending not to be bothered, or he really was annoyingly indifferent to the possibility of her leaving. Again, for the sake of my sanity, I choose option 1. Option 1 also implies that he has no desire to hamper her career in any way, and doesn't want to be the reason she second-guesses herself. Then there's option 3, also known as Lehman's Option, which states that Matt doesn't want to admit that he cares about her.

Lehman's Option, however, does not allow for the fact that Matt already professed love after the Mexican standoff. Emily clearly has selective memory.

And that's why my initial squee over him interrupting her mini-tirade about his failure to care whether she left or not with "Don't go. I love you. Don't go," has abated somewhat. Because in show time, he's already told her that, which makes twice now without much encouraging response from her. I suppose I could argue that this second repetition reinforces the validity of the statement; i.e. it wasn't just the emotional overload of nearly being killed that prompted the know what, let's go with that. Still doesn't stop me from feeling a touch sorry for Matt by this point, though. And really, all of Emily's accusations - "You're afraid to say it, because that means you care about me, and that puts you in a tough spot"...seem like they could more accurately be applied to herself. I have faith that she'll come around, but right now it seems like that point is far off.

I will content myself with daydreams of the initial suggestion that was so rudely interrupted by the acceptance letter, of movies and snuggling. Movies that do not involve zombies, mind.

Overall: 3
Cute Meter: 3
Tags: standoff, tv commentary

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