RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Holy crap I made it.

Remember Friday's plans? THEY WORKED.And by worked I mean I stupidly went to the grocery store after putting in my 2 hours at the test-scoring job on Saturday, and then by the time I got home at 4, I was so exhausted that all I wanted to do was sleep immediately, but I had to make all the new contacts on my regular work. It was torture, so I didn't start even a little bit of the due-Sunday stuff, yet by the time I finished my body would not shut down. I pitched over to ile down in bed because I was full of achiness with bleary eyes, but ended up just watching like 3.5 hours of TV before I finally fell asleep.

But then I woke up at 5 in the morning with no alarms! (fully 7.5 hours of sleep, too) Took a shower, worked more efficiently than in my entire life and managed to finish ALL* OF MY DUE-SUNDAY WORK BY 9:30 AM, made it to the test-scoring place and logged 4 hours there** so now I am entered in the drawing for a gift card, which has been my singular desperate dream since the contest was announced Thursday night. And I got back on track with all my other plans after that, too.

*with the exception of one mega-difficult one that ended up needing 2 contacts and I was not surprised I had to hold it over. That'll still be another hour.

**a strap on my sandal broke as soon as I got there, so I was pretty much limping around to keep it on my foot. Also about an hour into the test-scoring work I got hit with overwhelming cramps and realized, oh yeah, that's why I was so tired and achey yesterday. Luckily I had emergency supplies with me with and also pain pills, because I did not plan for that. But I finished the whole 4 hours in spite of multiple attempts by the universe to throw me off.

The moral of the story is, I am a gosh-dang CHAMP. I have accomplished 19 hours of work this weekend between the two jobs, while fighting off Midol-requiring symptoms, and I'm still in a relatively good mood and only a tiny bit behind on my regular work! Six more nights and then I WILL HAVE AN ENTIRE REGULAR-SIZED WEEKEND OFF.

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