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CBS Comedies, Good or Bad?

This has been a wonderful weekend. Went to the zoo today, had time to spend an hour thrift shopping for the clothing sale, only found one thing but didn't care; it satisfied my curiosity and allowed me to go home happily and keel over with movies & TV. Am running out of steam, but here are some round-up thoughts I couldn't fit into the last post.

1. Over the course of the past month, I finished season 3 of "Mom." I still have nothing to say about it unless you want to talk at me about some aspect of it, but it has become quite a serviceable little show, particularly when one needs (as I do) a low-impact sitcom to lull them to sleep and now apparently needs it to be something new. I'd say Allison Janney came out ahead in the Duel Of Former Mr. Sunshine Leads.

2. That's right, when I ran out of Mom and had literally nothing else, I returned to The Odd Couple (2015).  My expectations were low, but OH GOD IT'S SO TERRIBLE.The season 2 premiere was so actively awful I nearly wept tears of blood. The "characters" are so one-dimensional. Not even their high-caliber cast can do anything to help it; they might as well just be voice actors (you know, it might be a better show if it were animated).

The only exception is the guy playing Felix, who is in fact the sole reason I have continued my march. It got slightly less terrible after the premiere -- that or was able to calibrate my comedic sensors to a far lower value -- but the character of Oscar remains intolerable. Matthew Perry delivers every line in the same horrible way: everything is an exclamation! With a slightly unhinged yelling tone! Even on dates! He sounds kind of incredulous that he has committed to saying each line on film! Insert obvious observation that is played as a joke here!

And yet I continue to proceed (I'm six episodes deep; no sense quitting now) because I'm desperate for low-impact TV when I'm trying to unwind, and I know that at the very least, it will not offend my eyeballs, ears, or rigid sense of morality.  Offending my intelligence is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. Plus, Felix and The Best Friend From Sabrina are cute together, and I actually burst out laughing (that was a first) at the one where he unwittingly prances naked into the living room, narrating the upcoming bedroom events, while she is skyping with her mother, and girly shrieks ensure (guess from who). I am not above low-prole jokes yet.
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