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Found an old post on computer, decided to backdate it.

I hung out with the season 9 Criminal Minds DVDs earlier this week, and now that I'm finally using the desktop instead of the laptop again, I can post the draft post I was working on about them.

Note: I did not actually rewatch the season. I used my reviews as a strong guide and this is mostly affirming my original opinions. But this summarizes it nicely!)

Best Epsiodes to Rewatch for Plot: In the Blood (9x06), Persuasion (9x17), Edge of Winter (9x19), Blood Relations (9x20)

Episodes Worth Skimming For The Personal For Reid. Let's be real.  The only person whose life I actually care about is Reid's, and on rare occasion Garcia: premiere ("why, because I don't have kids?"), finale (every second of every scene including Reid or that takes place in a hospital, but nothing else), the last 2 minutes of the penultimate episode for Reid getting shot/Blake fretting about him, In The Blood (Day of the Dead party. Maeve photo), 9x07 The Gatekeeper (Reid delivering a baby W/E NBD)*

*Remember when I complained about that unnecessary birthing scene in this one? I did not pay attention to Reid later saying he memorized the labor & delivery manuals in case JJ went into labor in the field. A+!

Episodes I Still Haven't Seen: 9x11. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be good, though. Blake is the only other person whose life I genuinely care about and I miss her comforting presence dearly. To this day, she is still my 3rd favorite character in the show's history.

Details I did not pick up during the season 9 finale: REID IS STILL CARRYING THAT BOOK FROM MAEVE WITH HIM IN HIS BAG. After all this time? Always. Despite what he says about realizing that his future is not behind him.

I also listened to MGG's commentary on the only episode I didn't recognize as being directed by him, The Gatekeeper, which is MAGNIFICENT and brb checking out all the DVDs for his commentaries right now. Some highlights from that one:

-Remember how I said, after the premire, "Sweet flying spaghetti monster, Reid, what is that hideous house of horrors growing out of your head"? He agrees, explains that he had a weird haircut for a movie over the summer that took like 7 months to grow out, and alternately refers to it as looking like "fried calamari" and making him look like "a weird Danish schoolboy."

-"Let me just compliment my own work the whole time. I'm so good!"

-It's really delightful that he's doing this alone -- or as he puts it, "there's no one here to stop me" -- because that way we get maximum dialogue and I don't know if this is possible but I might like him as a person even more than I like Reid. That's some Darren Criss levels of charisma right there.

-He brought my attention to a lot of cool directing things I actully didn't notice, like how he filmed so many shots through windows and/or kept on the unsub's perspective, or how he tries to do long, suspense-building shots rather than rapid cutting

-It was also pretty awesome how he talked about weighing in on costume department and making specific costume choices (do all directors do that?), including how he described working with the costume designer to design the floaty dress on the victim who goes over the railing. I particularly liked his mention of specific disdain for anything "modern-looking," like cell phones. And zippers.

-tl;dr, this is everything a director's commentary should be: both charming and able to highlight specific choices he made to put his own take on it. It's like a primer for "people who don't know what a director does besides yell cut/action."

-Bonus quote: "It's really hard to impress a lady with a book of dead people. FYI. A little knowledge for all you gentlemen out there: if you want to impress a woman, don't create a book of dead people that you've killed to show her what a normal guy you are. That's not going to work."

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