RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Tumblr being Tumblr

[also HERE IS A PROPER SPOILER CUT just in case this makes it to the LJ homepage]I just saw someone legitimately try to make the point that people shouldn't be angry about getting spoiled for the death in OITNB -- and this person was specifically declaring how they're deliberately not tagging for spoilers in any way -- because all they should care about is the Outrage of a black lesbian being killed off. How very dare they want to "enjoy" that! Y'ALL OBVIOUSLY SUCH RACISTS.

(and of course, because they invoked the R word in an accusatory tone, they also have a circle of congratulatory encouragement going "yeah! right on! shame those evil people!" with a side of self-important "I'm helping people who might've been triggered by seeing it without knowing ahead of time." Despite the fact that the untagged spoiler itself can also be a trigger, oops.)

I logged out of Tumblr and blocked it, but forgot I decided to let myself have it on Sundays. I guess I should probably remedy that.  Now, if you don't need me, I'm going to go back to my happy life watching Reba, where my biggest problem is that the library's season 3 discs are in such bad shape that I've only been able to play about 10/15 episodes so far straight through.
Tags: bad shows, reba, spoilers

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