RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I did pretty much nothing today.

But I got done with work in 90 minutes with zero stress about it, and because I already had Thursday night & Friday morning to run around town getting all the window-shopping out of my system, the doing-nothing part was GLORIOUS. I spent 2 hours formatting The Music List (y'all are not even gonna attempt to read it. It was 3500 words at last count. I still have 5 days to accidentally find new music), watched TV to my heart's content, read most of a book, and...admittedly am not proud of the 90 minutes I spent watching animal videos on YouTube (I don't usually get sucked into something THAT unproductive), but then I rallied and spent forever and a day scrapping about on potential TV posts. I'm in the happiest possible place right now. AND I STILL HAVE A FULL DAY OF WEEKEND!!

I should probably try being productive tomorrow, though, because recent experience has taught me that when I have more than one day off I immediately get used to living like I've won the lottery and never have to work again, and grow very resentful to find this fantasy shattered.

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