RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I think it's about time I take a long nostalgia trip through Power Rangers.

I told you this would happen.

I checked in both library systems I'm officially registered in, but they only have the first volumes of MMPR, Zeo and Turbo. Altogether that leaves me with only 74 out of what it turns out are 214 (!) relevant episodes [hereby defined as "before they changed out 4 kids at once"] that they managed to churn out in 4 years, but it's a more complete set than I expected so I called them all in from all over the metro area and now I'm sitting here with a pile of spoils. I keep waiting for the shame trigger to kick in* for admitting I loved it, but every time I see their beautiful faces, any chance of that happening evaporates, so this post is going public. (*I expect it will occur shortly after I wake up, once it's been up for several hours while I can't edit it)

I ended up starting with Zeo, because it came in first and that's the first of these 3 that my girl Kat is in, and I love her beyond all measure.

DIGRESSION: In which I ramble about the pink ladies.
I loved her so much as a kid that when I needed a player name for my sim horse club at age 12, I chose Kat. And in short order, when I decided my player name shouldn't just represent me playing a game, but a whole fictional adult character with her own life, I promptly took her full name plus her face and the realistic part of her backstory (ballerina, Australian, moved here in high school, dated some attractive guy named Tommy for a while), and she's been the founding member/focal point of My Great Big Complex Fictional universe ever since 1998. And while Canon Kat's backstory diverged from my Kat Torai's the moment the former left the show, Kat Torai is such a significant part of me that as much as I love Kimberly, I will always, always feel personally connected to Pink Ranger Kat in a way that no one other than an actor who plays a character probably should.

And I say this every time, but I'm gonna say it again: as much as Kim/Tommy is my OTP, I truly loved and shipped the HECK out of Kat/Tommy with exactly equal fervor, not least because he's at Peak Attractiveness during this time and probably in large part because by the time I started watching, Kim was only part of reruns and Kat had always been there. My headcanon is that she and Tommy mutually break up after high school so they can get back with and meet their One True Loves, respectively...but until that point, I love that she was quietly supportive in the background and just waiting to be noticed, and I can't imagine I would have tolerated anyone other than her making him interested in datng again. It may be the only time in history I've deliberately endorsed a relationship as being perfect but only for a set period of time, both worth the experience and having an expiration date.

That said, I would definitely not say no to what were apparently two fuzzy canon attempts to portray them as married in the future, and be content relegating Kim to a perfect First Love.

I'm still not sure I have impressed upon you the degree to which I adore Miss Katherine Hillard, but being sure would require an 8,000 word essay w/ pics, so.

Long story short: it has almost 20 years since I watched more of this show than spotty YouTube cilps, and I have no idea how many I haven't seen, but I'm pretty sure I did not see Zeo episode 5, because I would have remembered this.


And Kat has the brilliant idea that they should also be fake-parents. To a live baby. For extra credit. When she and Tommy aren't even dating yet.

I now fully and completely understand the love for this trope.

(Also: it is kinda weird seeing this Extra 90s version of Kat(herine). I must have joined up later than this, because this is not the first version of her I knew -- still pretty, but she looks so young with her hair so severely straight and no bangs).

As an aside: I might be shipping Tanya and Adam a little bit. I do not remember this feeling, but I'm rolling with it.

I don't actually remember feeling a lot about Tanya at all, but turns out she is excellent. She has kickass 90s fashion and great hair and is just an all around bundle of delightful beauty at all times.

Now we're in a new digression about the Zeo Ladies of the past in the present.

Because Kat is so important to me (and also because my universe goes out to like, 2063 at this point due to the aging system practiced by the sim club), every few years I hit the internet in vain, desperate hope that Catherine Sutherland will have started acting again or done SOMETHING famous enough to put her picture on the internet so I can see what she looks like as she grows older. To this day I am affronted that she had NO screen work beyond this show after 2000, and only a couple of tiny bit parts before that.

But at last, my efforts were rewarded! Apparently she and a bunch of others did a con circuit in 2014, and suddenly I am not only awash in new pictures and video clips, I am thrilled that she is indeed still pretty. Or that could be my extreme bias. But she looks just as I'd hoped

Also, hold up! Her IMDB page is not as barren as before. "Class Dismissed" -- it says as of 2015, she has a guest spot in this web series...which makes sense given that it apparently also both stars and is the general brainchild of one Nakia Burrise! Aaaand found. Oh, I'm so happy right now seeing them have a conversation on screen again. This makes up for the rage at having tripped over the info that she was supposed to guest star on one of the Dino Rangers episodes (or whatever incarnation it was at that point) that Jason David Frank came back for, but for whatever reason it didn't come to pass.

Closing Thoughts:
My One Rule when I watched this show as a kid was that I did not give one fig about the morphed parts. I would leave the room for all the action scenes just to prove my point. But I just found myself watching like 80% of five episode in a row because I was sort of intriged by the plot* and managed to have a nostalgic rush even for the bad guys, as well as the mesmerizing act of morphing. Who knew that every sound I remember as signaling the show was on, and the associated rush of joy at seeing my favorite fictional people, would trigger a hit of full-blast Feelings?

*To be fair, I have absolutely no knowledge of the 10-episode sequence that bridges the gap between "Mighty Morphin'" and "Zeo Rangers." I watched this show the way I watched Friends, mostly in reruns and with no idea of how chronology worked except for which order teenagers came and left in. Who knew they had an actual timeline and put a modicum of effort into backstory?

I think Reba's about to take a backseat to my newest nostalgic obsession, and how I am going to wrest myself out of this by Tuesday in order to go back to full-time obsession with Zoo is anyone's guess.
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