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CSI: Miami, season 3

My shiny season 3's came yesterday, so I went straight to the comp lab for four hours and watched to my heart's content.  And now I'm going to sit here and discuss random bits of episodes from said season.   

Actually, I downloaded "Nothing to Lose" on Friday, because I was so desperate to see it.  So that one's out of the way.  (Madison had no lines and got to open her eyes once.  I was kind of pissed.  The whol eppy was a letdown, actually, and made me sort of hate Horatio and his chauvinistic "protect Yelina from the truth" motto, which serves no purpose except to TORTURE HIMSELF) 

Today, because I am *incredibly smart*, the first episode I watch is the season finale, 10-7.  With the Casablanca-esque ending.  Which sucks.  No matter how many times you watch it, it hits horribly and painfully hard every single damn time.  *sobs*  


I am redoubling my already frenzied efforts to have Raymond Caine shot in the head for season 5.  I'm aware that his death didn't quite bring them together the first time around, but there's always hope.  I would say I hope Ray runs off with an Amazonian beauty, but his having a second family didn't hamper their relationship the first time around, so...for God's sakes, not even DRUGS will keep her from forgiving him!  What the hell do we have to do to break Yelina away from her stupid husband and get her with Horatio?!  Okay.  Calm down.


And then, because we have established that I've killed all of my brain cells somewhere along the way (possibly from the cleaning chemicals?), I decide to watch the season premiere, Lost Son, which is one of the best all-round episodes ever, but is also Speedle's death, and the funeral at the end makes me literally cry.  This is the third time I've seen it this summer, yet while I can hold it together when he's shot, and during the autopsy, and even through the H/C hug...that's all the more I can handle.  The grainy flashbacks of him making the "A-okay" sign send tears down my cheeks.  He was never even one of my fave characters, but it's just such a powerful ending. 


Are there any safe episodes on this whole DVD set?  Maybe the one where Yelina sends Stetler packing.  That's a happy episode. 


Hell Night is good, interaction with Ray Jr.  Except Stetler's all rubbing Horatio's nose in the fact that he and Yelina going home together, which is something I'm not ready to face again in the wake of Ray.


Well, as long as the DVD is in the drive, I might as well watch #2, Pro Per. That is another truly all-round-excellent episode, even the part with Rick, because the look of embarrassment/humiliation on Horatio's face when he offers to spend the night only to realize Rick is already there...has never been seen before or since.  It's kind of cool when he's at a loss for words.  And the crime itself is super interesting. 


OH!  Cop Killer!  The one where Horatio sends Rebecca packing.  That's happy.  Always brings a smile to my face when he comes to his senses.    First, Rebecca/Yelina catfight to set the scene: 

Y: "This is my case."
R: "Yours for now...but it's going to be mine later.  *pause* Seems like there's a lot of that going around these days."

OH!  You see?  That, right there, that is why I despise her.  Such a bitch. 

Scene 2: The ending

Me: *shivers with anticipation* "Dump Rebecca!  Dump her!  Dump her! ...YEAH!"


Zero forgiveness.  Excellent.  Such a passive-agressive dumping, too, making her guess why she's being dumped, spell out her own mistakes, instead of having the decency to just come out say they're breaking up.  Kind of cruel.  But since I hate her, I'm fine with that.  Hahaha, I love this man.

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